The Squared Circle DNA Show – Roman Reigns

By TheWrestlingClassic on May 20, 2018

This week we disect Roman Reigns singles career on the Squared Circle DNA Show! As you have seen all week on Instagram we covered The Big Dog highlighting some ups and downs, as we will…


The Spotlight Series #81: Simon Grimm

By The Struggles on May 14, 2018

Joining me this week is Simon Grimm. He is a former NXT Tag Team Champion as one half of The Vaudevillains & formerly known as Simon Gotch during his time with WWE. A lot gets…


The Squared Circle DNA Show

By TheWrestlingClassic on May 6, 2018

Justin and Danny unite to bring you the Squared Circle DNA Show. Make it known that your a wrestling fan, be proud to be a wrestling fan! Show it off, it’s part of you! This…


The Spotlight Series #79: Cole Radrick

By The Struggles on April 30, 2018

This week I am joined by The Human Bottle Rocket himself “Kinetic” Cole Radrick! I love this episode. Flat out. This kid gave me life and inspired me in a big way. He is fun…


The Spotlight Series #78: Adrian Quest

By TheWrestlingClassic on April 23, 2018

This week I am joined by one of the hottest rising talents in wrestling today…he is “Young Fuego” Adrian Quest! I really enjoyed this convo with Adrian because it was so much more than just…


My Wrestlemania 34 Experience

By TheWrestlingClassic on April 20, 2018

I share some stories from my Wrestlemania 34 trip. What happened when The Classic ended up on Bourbon St. These are stories I will not be sharing on my IG page or anywhere else. You…