How to Fix Roman Reigns

How to Fix Roman Reigns

How to Fix Roman Reigns 

Whether you like him or not Roman Reigns will not be going anywhere anytime soon. However, WWE would really prefer the fans to be behind him. Today I will list some ways to get everyone behind the WWE’s new golden boy.

4. Book Him Like a Badass

Many WWE fans suggest that Roman Reigns should really be booked sort of in a Steve Austin image. Do what I want when I want. When we have seen Roman Reigns like this he gets huge pops from the crowd. For example. At TLC when Roman Reigns went crazy on Triple H and destroyed him the crowd went wild. Again, when Roman Reigns attacked Triple H on the way to his car the crowd erupted. We need Roman Reigns to stop caring about anything or anyone. He needs to start running over heels and faces and get an attitude behind him that he just does not care. I like him embracing he is not a good guy or a bad guy, just the guy. Have him be more assertive in his rivalry’s just like Monday Night when him and Rusev brawled. Roman should  be less talk more action much like his feuds with Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton.

3. Turn Him Heel

I think it’s pretty much a fact that in order to be a top face in WWE you MUST have a heel run before hand. Stone Cold, The Rock, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and even CM Punk. All of them had runs as heels before climbing the ranks and becoming faces of the company. Roman Reigns can be turned heel many ways but this is how I would do it. On a Monday Night Raw it can be Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho and  Kevin Owens. Roman would he going for the spear on Jericho and then hear the boo’s from the crowd and then he would suddenly stop. He would take Zayn in, get his U.S title, and walk out. While Zayn is looking confused he gets hit with the codebreaker and pinned. Once the match is over Roman comes back out and attacks Zayn with a chair and grabs a mic. He then says he’s been kissing babies and saying his prayers too long and that he was tired of being boo’d while losers like Zayn get cheers and he announces he no longer cares what the people think. Have him start wearing suits to the ring more and act cocky for about a year. When the time comes his face turn will be amazing and people will be ready to accept him as the top dog.

2. Find Roman An Enemy

There is no John Cena without Randy Orton, there is no Rock without Austin, and there is no Daniel Bryan without the Authority. The reason I pointed this out is because every top face has an enemy that boosts their stock. However, Roman Reigns has no enemy like that. His best feuds came against the likes of Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins. All men who the WWE are behind. Roman needs somebody then crowd really hates and it’s not many natural heels in WWE at this point. Every heel basically gets cheers(Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles) so in order for Roman to get over he needs a rival that people hate. Right now on the RAW roster their lacking in the area of great heels and the upcoming faces will suffer just like Roman is now.


1. Do Not Book Him As An Underdog

Roman Reigns is not Daniel Bryan. I’m pretty sure if you tell Vince that though he would laugh. Let’s point out something. Daniel Bryan overcame the Authority at Wrestlemania 30 and two years later WWE decided to give Roman Reigns the same route. It did not work because everyone knew Reigns would win that night. It was a fact. The opening match of Wrestlemania 30 was uncertain. Many thought Triple H would actually put Bryan down and have an Evolution Triple Threat, but he didn’t. Everyone felt for Daniel Bryan because he only stated facts. The WWE did not want a 5’8 guy as the face of their company on and off-screen. WWE almost got a riot when Batista won the Royal Rumble because everyone was so fond of Bryan and his struggles. Roman Reigns never had those struggles and you could never believe WWE didn’t want Reigns as the face of the company so you were against him for basically trying to be another Daniel Bryan. As long as WWE does not book him in another man’s shoes again his career can be saved.

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