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Introduction to the Starship Paincast

Introduction to the Starship Paincast

What is the Starship Paincast?

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, Jordan Bass here. Coming very soon to will be my wrestling podcast known as the “Starship Paincast”. This podcast has been on YouTube for 40 weeks with 40 episodes. Soon you will be able to listen to the show right through this website as well! Today I will be explaining in depth what the Starship Paincast is.

The Starship Paincast is a professional wrestling podcast. They talk anything from WWE, ROH, NXT, TNA, NJPW, PWG, EVOLVE, PROGRESS, and more! Our weekly shows are segmented into TV Talk where we discuss the past week’s episode of Raw, Impact, NXT, and ROH TV, the Wrestling News segment hosted by Joe where we discuss the important wrestling news that occurred that week, and of course if that week there is a PPV, we will preview/review it. We bring a great dynamic to the table and have loaded knowledge about the wrestling industry and wrestlers around the world! We’ll also occasionally delve into some entertaining non-wrestling discussion as well. Shows go up weekly and are uploaded during the weekend.

The show is hosted by Jordan Bass, a wrestling fan of 11 years who knows every useless (and useful) fact about wrestling there is. He watches WWE, TNA, ROH, NJPW, and PROGRESS on a consistent basis. “As host of the show, he’s witty and intelligent. His wrestling knowledge makes others look ridiculously weak, he’s truly a walking encyclopedia of pro wrestling.” – Good Buddy Joe

Josh Masterson is a co-host on the Starship Paincast. Josh has been known to be the “punching bag”, so to speak, of the show. He’s crazy about Nikki Bella and loves him some EVOLVE. Josh is a very peculiar individual but you can always count on being entertained by him, whether you’re furious with what he’s saying or in total agreement of his (sometimes ridiculous) opinions. All in all, the Starship Paincast wouldn’t be the same without Masterson and his deep voice.

Good Buddy Joe is another co-host of the Starship Paincast. Joe is a very smart guy and is educated about more wrestling promotions than any other host on the show. Joe is infatuated with New Japan Pro Wrestling and is often talking about it on the show, hence why Jordan and Josh often say he “likes Japanese”. Joe is known to crack his fair share of jokes on the show but also brings a great perspective to the show. Joe also hosts the weekly wrestling news segment.

Terrence Sutton is also an official host of the Starship Paincast, though he has been missing from the show for a few months due to conflicts outside of the show. Terrence is extremely educated about pro wrestling and watches pretty much the same amount of promotions Joe watches. He is very much the “father figure” on the show as he is the most mature and mostly stays out of the disputes (unless it involves Jay Lethal or Juice Robinson). Terrence doesn’t tend to crack jokes as often as the other host but when he does it’s extremely memorable.

The Starship Paincast has brought on a lot of guest hosts over the 40 episodes, such as Justin (thewrestlingclassic), Josiah (the former @cmpunkuniverse), pro wrestler Maxwell Jacob Feinstein, Jairo (thee_wrestling_god), ROH star Donovan Dijak, and many more. Also, the lovely voice of Will Amsberry has graced the show many, many times. From listening to the show you can expect to be entertained from comedy and ridiculous discussions but also interesting debates and insightful thoughts on professional wrestling. The Starship Paincast isn’t your normal wrestling podcast, it’s truly special.

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