Raw Review 02/25/2019

RAW REVIEW 02/25/2019

Tonight on Raw we first will get an update from Roman Reigns. Also tonight we will see the 70th birthday celebration of Ric Flair. As of late Ronda Rousey has had a big-time rivalry with The Riott Squad but will she be able to beat them again tonight as she teams with Natalya? Plus, what will be next for the NXT superstars up on the main roster, can they stay hot and continue to win or will they be put in their place? Finally, who will be the first challengers for Sasha Banks and Bayley for their newly won WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships?

Raw comes to us from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia

Raw kicks off with us being welcomed by Michael Cole, Renee Young, and Corey Graves

In Ring Segment: Roman Reigns
Reigns starts by saying thank you to everyone. He tells how he missed the crowd and how there is no other job like this or any other fan base like the WWE Universe. Reigns says he use to say this was his yard but this is our yard. He says he is a man of faith but before his announcement, in October he was sacred and insecure and he didn’t know if he wanted to share that secret with the world. He says by the time he got home if there was a way people could get ahold of him they did. He says everyone was at his aid and surrounding him with their love and support. He says so many people prayed for him God’s voicemail was full. He says to be able to feel that, the strength it gave him he could do anything. He says the love and support gave him strength and new life and new purpose. He says now the only thing that is important to him is to have the ability to step in this ring every single night. He says he wants to use this platform to raise awareness and support those in need just like he was. He says he didn’t just swing for the fences but he hit a home run. He says he is so grateful and humbled and honored to announce this. He tells that he is in remission! He says with that being said The Big Dog is back! He says before he goes he wants to say thank you again. Reigns finishes by saying he loves everyone. As Reigns says his goodbyes out comes Seth Rollins to give him a big hug.
My Opinion:
Welcome back Roman Reigns! He looks amazing and I’m so glad he is okay and is able to continue being in wrestling. I love Roman and I can’t wait to see what he does when he comes back into the mix. Reigns is the top guy and he deserves his spot back. It’s time to get Reigns back on top where he belongs!

Match 1: Ricochet & Aleister Black vs The Revival
Before the match beings, The Revival attack Balck and Ricochet from behind but Balck and Ricochet fight back. Ricochet and Balck take out The Revival as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Balck is able to get the tag and he hits Wilder with a big kick and then a knee. Black hits him with a big move off the ropes and tries a cover but Wilder kicks out. Wilder gets back in control and takes it to Balck. Black fights him off for a moment but Dawson made the tag and gets invovled. Dawson is able to land a huge DDT but Balck kicks out of the pin attempt twice. Ricochet takes out Wilder on the outside but in the ring, Dawson tries a cover but Balck kicks out. Balck is able to hit Balck Mass and gets the 1 2 3.
Winners: Ricochet & Aleister Black
My Opinion:
Huge win for Black and Ricochet tonight. Black and Ricochet took control from the start and never looked back. These two are game changers as I’ve said and I can’t wait until they are permanently on the main roster. You look ahead to WrestleMania and these are two guys who need to be on the card.

Backstage Segment:
Charly asks Corbin about his comments made about Reigns in October. She asks if he is worried when they meet again. He says he doesn’t live in the past and he says he never said those things. Charl reminds they have the footage. He says what he said was taken out of context and he was under a lot of stress. He says for Roman’s sake he hopes their paths don’t cross.

In Ring Segment: Elias
Elias first is interrupted by Lacy Evans but then interrupted by Dean Ambrose. Ambrose says he wants a rematch from last week with Drew Mcintyre but this time he wants a no disqualification match. Elias starts playing and Ambrose asks what he is doing. Elias says he was about to sing a song for Atlanta. He joke about the Falcons and Ambrose stops him and says he is a big fan and wanted to request a song. He goes through a couple and then asks if it is time for Dirty Deeds. Ambrose goes after him and hits him with Dirty Deeds.

Match 2: Ronda Rousey & Natalya vs The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan w/ Liv Morgan)
Logan unloads with right hands on Natalya to start off the match. Riott gets the tag and her and Logan double team Natalya. Riott continues the offense and tries a cover but Natala kicks out. Natalya backs her into the corner and tags Rousey. Riott is able to hit a standing STO on Rousey and takes her to the corner. A quick tag comes but Riott comes right back in. Rousey is able to fight off with a clothesline and tags Natalya. Natalya controls her in the corner and then flips her in the middle of the ring. Morgan gets invovled and she is taken out by Rousey and Natalya with a huge elbow from Rousey. Logan then takes out Natalya as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Riott controls Natalya with a chin lock. Riott then drops Natalya and tries a cover but Natalya kicks out. Riott brings her to the corner and tags in Logan. They double team Natalya in the corner with a big splash from Logan. Natalya fights out of the corner and tries to get a tag but Logan prevents her. Logan locks in a modified Cloverleaf and keeps Natalya grounded on the mat. Natalya finally fights out and is able to tag Rousey. Rousey takes down Logan and then hits her with big body shots in the corner. Riott tries to get invovled and Rousey takes it to her as well. She takes out Morgan on the apron and then goes to pin Logan but Riott breaks up the cover. Natalya takes out Riott on the outside. In the ring, Rousey hits Logan with Piper’s Pit. Her comes Becky Lynch from the crowd. She attacks Natalya with the crutch and Rousey comes after her. Security comes out to break them up. Rousey takes down the security and tries to get at Lynch. The police now come out to aid in breaking them up. Rousey continues to try to fight to get to her.
Winners: Natalya & Ronda Rousey: Via DQ
My Opinion:
This was a good tag team match for the most part. I liked how back and forth it was and I’m glad since especially Ruby Riott should be looked at as one of the top females and not some who gets squashed. I also loved Lynch coming out, this is the stuff that the crowd loves and it continues to build her character. If Lynch does get her match at Maina that crowd is gonna be hot for her.

In Ring Segment:
Rousey calls out Vince. Out comes Stephanie instead. Rousey tells her to reinstate Lynch and make this match happen. Stephanie tells that Lynch has been arrested. Rousey tells her to drop the charges and reinstate her for Maina. Stephanie tells her it’s not that easy and her opponent stands as Charlotte Flair. Stephanie says she knows it’s not what Rousey wanted but Lynch is a victim of her own actions. She says instead of being on the road to WrestleMania Lynch is now on the road to jail. Rousey tells her that this what everyone wants. She says this match at Maina would mean everything. Stephanie says the answer is a hard no. Rousey tells her she demands she reinstates Lynch now. Stephanie says she is her boss and nobody is bigger than the WWE. Rousey says they don’t control her. She says she has bled enough to be set for life and she is not their worker she is Ronda Rousey and she will be the champion when she defends against the best for the best. She says the tile means to much and says tells Stephanie it is time for Vince to make the right decision. Rousey drops the tile and leaves the ring.
My Opinion:
Rousey was completely right here they need to bring Lynch back. This would one of the biggest matches in WrestleMania history and it’s time they step up. I’m sure Lynch will be back but I just wonder how long they will draw it out for. For now, this is smart since the crowd will continue to want for this and when it does happen everyone will go crazy for it.

Match 3: Jinder Mahal vs Kurt Angle
Angle gets distracted by the Singh Brother’s and Mahala lands a big kick. Mahal goes for the cover but Angle kicks out. Mahal gets him in the corner and hits him with big shots to the chest. Mahal takes him to the ground and works a chin lock. Angle hits him with elbows to the gut and tries to fight out but Mahal takes him to the ground. Mahal works a modified chin lock and continues to put the pressure on Angle. Angle fights out and hits a
German suplex. Angle then hits another and another and another. Angle then takes down the Singh Brother’s and has to fight off Mahal who tries to take advantage. Angle is able to lock in the Ankle Lock and Mahal taps. After the match Angle hits the Singh Brother’s with German suplexes.
Winner: Kurt Angle
My Opinion:
Big win for Angle tonight, even thoughMahal was in control for a lot of this match Angle is a vet and stayed the course. I’m proud of angle for continuing to go out there and wrestle each week. I love seeing him and I love watching him in the ring. I’m glad he isn’t done yet and hope for Mania he gets at least one more big match.

A Moment Of Bliss: Finn Balor
Bliss says bye to Rousey and says she would have never disrespected the Raw Women’s Championship like that. She adds if they need a replacement she’s here. She then introduces her guest Finn Balor. She congratulates Balor on winning the title and then jokes saying the tile covers up his abs. She tells Balor if he shows her his abs she’ll show him her but she is then interrupted by Lio Rush.
Rush tells balor he doesn’t deserve to be champion and that Lashley does. Balor says if he wants to challenge him for the title he knows where to find him. Rush says Lashley is getting ready for Strowman so he has to answer to him and he will take the tile back even if he has to pry it from him. Balor then asks Rush if he was challenging him for the title. Rush tries to play it off and say no but Balor is set on the match. Bliss then asks Rush if he isn’t man enough to do the job by himself. Rush finally accepts and says he knows he can beat him. Rush says he is gonna go and prepare. Bliss informs him his match is right now. Rush says give him a proper entrance then.

Match 4: Finn Balor (c) vs Lio Rush: Intercontinental Championship Match
Balor throws Rush into the corner but he quickly gets out. Balor takes him down off the ropes but rush gets back up and hits him with a dropkick. Rush tries a cover but Balor kicks out. Balor is able to wrestle him to the ground but Rush gets back up and catches him with big kicks sending Balor to the floor. Balor comes back in and hits him with a big elbow. Balor then stomps on Rush. on the outside, Balor hits him with a dropkick. Rush is able to take him down at the knees on the apron. Rush then hits him with a moonsault and two suicide dives to follow. Balor is thrown back in the ring and Rush goes to the top. Rush flies but Balor gets his knees up and stops him. Balor fights back and hits him with a big chop in the corner. Balor hits the sling blade and looks to take control. Rush goes right to the knee and takes down Balor. Rush then works the knee of Balor. Balor fights back and is able to hit an enziguri. He takes down Rush once more and then tries to lift Rush but his knee gives out. Rush tries a cover but Balor kicks out. Rush catches him with a kick and tries another cover but again Balor kicks out. Rush tries a moonsault but Balor moves and catches him with a clothesline. Balor goes to the top but Rush stops him and knocks him down. Rush then hits him with a big right and meets him up top. Rush tries a hurricanranna but Balor turns it into a pin. Rush turns it around and tries a cover of his own but Balor gets out of hit. Rush hits him in the leg again and continues to work on him. Balor is able to catch Rush off the ropes and plants him. Balor goes to the top and hits the Coupe de Grace. Balor goes for the cover and gets the 1 2 3.
Winner: Finn Balor: Still Intercontinental Champion
My Opinion:
Great title defense for Balor even on one leg. Rush brought his best fight but Balor didn’t give and that’s exactly how t has to be as a champion. Balor is a fighter and there is no doubt he can keep that tile for a long time if he continues to fight like this. The heart Balor has can carry him a very long way.

Backstage Segment:
The Ascension asks Tucker Knight where his partner is. They continue to make fun of Otis and Knight says he’s not gonna like that very much. Otis gets very angry and takes out both Konnor and Viktor. Otis tells them that’s what they get for messing with Heavy Machinery.

Backstage Segment:
Lashley tells him he had one job and he can’t be worried about him when he has to go and fight Bruan. He asks Rush if he can trust him and Rush says yes you can trust me.

Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush vs Brau Strowman
Before the bell rings Lashley hammers on Strowman and brings the fight right to him. Lashley continues to beat him down and doesn’t give Strowman a break. Strowman fights back and takes it to Lashley. Lashley comes back with an elbow but Strowman hits him with a boot. Strowman then hits a boot and lands a big blow to the chest of Lashley. Strowman then takes out Rush. he tells Lashley he’s coming for them.
My Opinion:
Lashley tried to attack Strowman but Strowman is a powerhouse and in a one on one there is no one who can stop him. I believe him when he says he is coming for all three f them and I know strowman will stop at nothing until he gets Mcintyre, Lashley, and Corbin back for what they’ve done.

Backstage Segment:
Charly tells Rollins he has a pep in his step. Rolins says he has been thinking about Lesnar every day and it is the biggest match of his life. He says he will walk out of Mania as the Universal Champion. He says that is secondary because tonight is about his brother being back. He says if he knows Roman he has an ice cold beverage waiting for him so he is gonna burn it down but in a different way.

Match 5: Dean Ambrose vs Drew Mcintyre: No DQ Match
As Mcintyre comes to the ring Ambrose meets him on the ramp and attacks him. Mcintyre comes back with a chop and the two bring the fight into the ring. As the match is now underway Ambrose continues to hammer on him. Ambrose takes his belt off goes to hit Mcintyre but instead, Mcintyre hits him with a belt. Mcintyre then unloads on the back of Ambrose. Mcintyre then goes lifts Ambrose from the mat and hits him with a spine buster. Mcintyre goes back to the belt and hits Ambrose once more. Ambrose is able to reverse Mcintyre and he sends him to the floor. Ambrose tries a suicide dive but Mcintyre catches him and drives him into the barricade. Mcintyre then throws him to the floor as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Ambrose flies from the top rope and takes out Mcintyre on the floor. Ambrose gets to his feet and continues to pound on Mcintyre. He then drives him into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Ambrose tries to go for the cover but Mcintyre kicks out. Ambrose hits a neck breaker and continues staying on Mcintyre. He grabs the belt and now he unloads with the strap. Mcintyre stops the offensive of Ambrose with the Glasgow Kiss. On the outside, Mcintyre grabs the steel steps but Ambrose is able to land a drop toe hold and Mcintyre crashes into the steps. He then bounces Mcintyre iff the steps. From behind Elias comes and hits him with the guitar. Mcintyre then hits the Claymore kick back in the ring. Mcintyre goes for the cover and gets the 1 2 3.
*** After the match out comes Corbin and Lashey. Elias joins in and the four attack Ambrose. Corbin hits Ambrose with the chokeslam backbreaker and then Lashley hits him with the spear. Out comes Rollins and Reigns! Reigns and Rollins take out Lashley and Corbin. They then go in the ring and lay out Mcintyre and Elias. Reigns hits Lashley with another superman Puncha and Rollins lands a stomp. Reigns then hits Mcintyre with a spear.
Winner: Drew Mcintyre
My Opinion:
This was a really good hard hitting contest between these two. Ambrose gave his best fight but there wasn’t much he could do when the numbers game caught up to him. After the match, Ambrose was almost in for the beating of his life but luckily he has his brother’s by his side. It was awesome seeing Reigns back and taking care of business as he does. He and Rollins saved Ambrose tonight, now this might not be another shield reunion but if Ambrose is on his way out then this could be one of the last instances fo that we see so it was pretty awesome.

Match 6: Bayley w/ Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax w/ Tamina
Nia backs up Baykey to start the match but Bayley fights her off and Nia goes to the floor. Bac in the ring Bayley is able to land a hip toss but can’t get the 3 on the cover. Nia fights back and grabs Bayley driving her out of the ring as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Nia has ahold of Bayley and drops her to the mat. Nia tries to slam down on Bayley but Bayley moves. Bayley continues to move out of the way of Nia and takes her down at the knee. Bayley then slams her to the mat face first. Nia comes back and runs threw Bayley. Nia hits her with huge fist and toys with her. Nia then throws Bayley across the ring. Nia works a choke hold but Bayley works to her feet and drops Nia creating space. Nia is sent off the second turnbuckle and Bayley stomps away. Bayley then drives Nia out of the ring. Bayley hangs her up on the second rope and then drives her to the floor. Nia gets back in the ring and Bayley stays on her. Bayley hits her with a knee but Nia then catches her and hangs her up in the corner. Nia runs at her and crushes her in the corner. Nia then grabs Banks but it allows Bayley to take control. Bayley goes to the top and hits the elbow and gets the 1 2 3.
Winner: Bayley
My Opinion:
Huge win for Bayley tonight and it gives her and banks a ton of momentum heading into FastLane. Nia fought hard but Bayley was smart evading her and continuing to move and strike. If Bayley and Sasha are gonna retain at FastLane they are gonna need to fight just like this. They won’t win in a straight up fight so they have to stick and move and stay on Nia and Tamina. For me, though I think Bayley looks better than ever and she and Sasha seem to have all the confidence in the world right now. Confidence and momentum are two things that are key to winning especially as champions.

Ric Flair’s Birthday Celebration:
Triple H says when you get to The Road To WrestleMania you get nights like tonight where Roman Reigns returns, or nights where Ronda Rousey lays done the Raw Women’s Champions or nights like tonight where Becky Lynch goes to jail. He says all of that hails in comparison to celebrating the 70th birthday of who he considers to be the greatest sports entertainer of all time Ric Flair. Stephanie then invites some gust and starts with Shawn Michaels. Next is Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Then its Kurt Angle. Finally, the man they call Sting. Triple H says a lot of things have been said about Ric Flair over the years and there isn’t a whole lot to add, he then shows a video package highlighting Flair’s career. Stephanie says he is the G.O.A.T and he will always be a champion in our eyes. She then reveals a custom Heavyweight Championship for Flair. Triple H then introduces him. The camera goes backstage and Batista is there going into his locker room. He drags out Flair and asks Triple H if he has his attention now. Triple H then runs to the back. Triple H is back with Flair as he kays on the floor as Raw ends.
My Opinion:
Wow, I don’t even know what to say except I love Pro Wrestling. That was unexpected and freakin’ awesome! That is how you get people’s attention and it was an awesome way to start the feud with Triple H and Batista. I guess Triple H will be ready to go for Mania and I can’t wait to see this match. This will be a big match for Batista and for Triple H to finish out a rivalry that ever got a proper ending. I’m ready for this!!!

Final Thoughts:
For me, this one of the best Raw’s in a long time. I’m not looking just at content but from a personal level, this one really hit home for him. First, it was amazing having Reigns back, I’m so happy and thankful that he is okay and is able to come back and wrestle. It was so cool seeing him take back his yard tonight alongside Rollins and having them save Ambrose was a good touch. People like Bayley, Finn Balor, Lio Rush put up amazing fights tonight. Also, I loved seeing Kurt Angle out there again. Seeing Ronda and Lynch’s feud get even more intense was amazing as well, I can’t wait to see what they do with it. Finally, to end the show it was one of the best endings in a long tie. This rivalry between Triple H and Batista is about to get really personal.
Overall Rating: 8/10