Raw Review 05/27/2019

RAW REVIEW 05/27/2019

Tonight we will find out exactly who Brock Lesnar is going to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase on, will it be on Seth Rollins the Universal Championship or Kofi Kingston the WWE Champion? Also, with news that WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio is injured what will be the state of the title? R-Truth is the 24/7 Champion and has done his best to hide from all other competition but how long can he run for? Plus, we will see Braun Strowman versus Bobby Lashley versus The Miz versus AJ Styles with the winner facing Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship at Super-Show Down. Which one of these four men will come out on top and become the #1 Contender? Finally, Becky Lynch may not have two belts anymore but she still does have the Raw Women’s Championship, so who will be next to challenge her?

Raw comes to us from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

Raw kicks off with a special tribute for Memorial Day.

Backstage Segment:
Brock Lesnar is backstage with Paul Heyman.

In Ring Segment: Kofi Kingston
Kofi tells how last week Kevin Owens took out Big E and reinjured his knee. He then tells about how he was attacked by Dolph Ziggler and how he tried to end him. He tells that Ziggler didn’t finish the job because he is still here and standing tall. He says when the time is right he will address Ziggler but tonight he is here for Mr. MITB. He tells how he wants to be one the greatest WWE Champion of all time and there is no better way to do that than beating Brock Lesnar. He tells how he wnats Lesnar to come out and cash in on him. Here comes Seth Rollins.
Rollins says he knows he isn’t Brock Lesnar, he’s better. He says he likes where Kofi’s head is at and doesn’t want to wait either. He tells that both champs are out here and all they are missing is Brock Lesnar. He tells him to come out here right now and here comes Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.
Lesnar comes out playing partying music and dances as he gets in the ring. He then plays the music of Kofi Kingston and then switches to the music of Seth Rollins. Rollins then leaves the ring. Heyman grabs a mic and says isn’t it just like Seth Rollins to pee on everyone’s parade. He tells how Lesnar was going to announce who he was going to cash in on but Seth Rollins ruined their Brock party. He tells Kofi not to blame them but instead blame Seth Rollins. They then leave the ring. Kofi gets on the apron and holds up the title but he is then attacked from behind by Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler hits a Zig Zag on the stage. He grabs a chair but Xavier Woods comes out to help Kofi. Ziggler retreats as
My Opinion:
I like the fact Brock didn’t announce anything yet because it keeps us wondering and to be honest I’d rather that element of surprise when he cashes in. Also, I really enjoy how muhc fun Brock is having. I think he is quite the character when he is like this and it’s really funny. Rollins did well selling this as being over the top but it was a good segment. Finally, Ziggler attacking Kofi was perfect. It’s that element of surprise that we need. I think it’s going to go a long way if they continue to do things like that.

In Ring Segment: Dolph Ziggler and Xavier Woods
As Raw returns, Ziggler comes up the stage and attacks Xavier Woods. The two fight down to the ring and Woods is in control. Ziggler takes over and takes it to the outside. Ziggler attacks Woods and then throws him into the barricade. Woods fights back and gets Ziggler into the crowd. He then flies off the barricade and takes Ziggler down. Woods brings him back to ringside and then throws Ziggler over the barricade again. Ziggler and Woods then continue to fight in the crowd. They fight back to ringside and Ziggler is able to land a huge strike. He attacks the knee of Woods and then bounces him off the steel steps. Ziggler grabs a chair and hits Woods in the back. He brings Woods into the ring and continues the attack with the chair. He then uses the chair to choke Woods. He places the chair on Woods neck but Kofi comes out with a chair to even the odds. Ziggler retreats as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Ziggler comes out on the stage and tells Kofi he is wasting all his time on Brock Lesnar when he should have been worrying about him. He tells how the will face in 11 days for the WWE Championship. He tells Kofi to celebrate for him because he is the best WWE Champion he can remember. He tells Kofi every time he sees him with the title it reminds him it should have been him. He tells how he defended Kofi and how he is jealous Kofi has friends who had his back. He then asks Kofi what happens when he doesn’t have the title? He asks Kofi what happens to his fans when he takes the title from him? He tells how it took longer than he wanted because at WrestleMania it should have been him but at Super-Show Down it will be him.
My Opinion:
Yes! This was great, Raw comes back on and there’s action. Ziggler and Woods fighting like this really set forth that Ziggler is out to destroy Kofi and the ones he loves. Ziggler is coming for the title and Kofi better watch his back, the game of cat and mouse is a dangerous one for Kingston because Ziggler could attack at any time. By the time we get to Super-Show Down Kofi seems like he is going to be beaten up and have no one at his side. This could be huge for Ziggler. His words really spoke and I love the passion coming from him. Ziggler truly is making everyone know he wnats that title.

Backstage Segment:
There is a huge block party for the WWE SuperStars outside the arena. The Usos give a Happy Birthday to Natalya and thank everyone for coming. They say everyone is invited but The Revival. They welcome everyone to the Usos block party.

Backstage Segment:
Charly asks Shane why he is competing tonight. He tells he has Reigns at Super-Show Down and tonight he is gonna beat his opponent down just as he will do to Reigns. Shane meets up with Mcintyre and the two go to the ring.

In Ring Segment: Shane McMahon & Drew Mcintyre
Mcmahon says the McMahon family and the Samoan Dynasty have gone on forever long before he and Reigns. He says it all comes down to respect and he had that ingrained in him but not Reigns. He questions how Reigns could strike down his father and asks what type of man could do that, Roman Reigns. He talks about the family Reigns is representing and brings up his the Wild Samoans which Reigns father was apart of his. He says he might know Reigns father better than him and says he watched all the accomplishments and mistakes. He tells how his father cleaned up The Wild Samoans mistakes. He asks which person from the Samoan dynasty will come out and face him as Raw goes to break.
My Opinion:
Shane is doing well trying to antagonize Reigns and make him angry. For Shane, he is keeping classy while taking shots and that’s a smart way to go. Sometimes you can take it there and other times it’s smart to just insinuate. I think this definitely will fire up Reigns, I think anyone would get fired up when their family is brought into it. This match will be about respect but for Reigns, this seems like a must win. If he wants to continue to claim this has his yard then he needs to take down one of the heads of that yard.

Match 1: Shane McMahon w/ Drew Mcintyre vs Lance Anoa’i
*** Before the match Mcintyre grabs Lance and drives him into the barricade. He then drives him into the steel steps. He bounces him off the ring post and then throws him on the floor. Mcintyre then hits him with a big chop. Lance is thrown back into the ring and Shane calls for the bell.
As the match begins Shane hits him with huge knee strikes and follows with front kicks. He gets him in the corner and continues with strikes. Anoa’i tries to fight back but Shane stays right on him. Anoa’i fights back with big rights and then hits a big dropkick. Shane comes back with a big elbow and then hits him with big cross faces on the mat. Shane gets the triangle submission locked in and Anoa’i taps out.
*** After the match, Shane tells Mcintyre to hit him with a chop. He then gets him in a triangle choke and continues to mock Reigns father. He tells that Reigns father’s biggest mistake was spawning him. Here comes Reigns. Mcintyre goes after him but Reigns hits him with a Superman Punch. Reigns catches Shane and hits him with a Superman Punch as well. Back in the ring Reigns looks for the spear but Mcintyre pulls him out.
Winner: Shane McMahon
My Opinion:
Shane picks up a win here after a lot of help from Mcintyre before the match. Sahne made his point and he poked at Reigns but Reigns got that last laugh. Reigns showed tonight even an insurance policy isn’t going to stop him. He didn’t get to put down Shane but Shane definitely got the message of what’s to come. Reigns looks fired up and when next Friday comes there will be no playing games. Also, I loved seeing Lance Anoa’i in the ring, he is a really good wrestler and I hope someday we see more of him in WWE.

Backstage Segment:
Shane and Mcintyre run into the back and look to leave the arena.

In Ring Segment: Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
Heyman tells he has had a referee come to the ring because it is time for Lesnar to inform one champion he is going to cash in on them. Here comes Seth Rollins.
Rollins points to the Universal Championship and says this is his life and this is what he works for every single day of his life. He tells Lesnar he makes a mockery of it and calls him a joke. He reminds Lesnar of WrestleMania and says he will do it right now. He tells Lesnar he is a shell of what he used to be. He asks Lesnar if he wnats a chance to prove him wrong and tells him to cash it in. Heyman pulls out a contract and tells how Lesnar cashes in when he wants and can for up to a year. Lesnar stops Heyman from talking and asks him he has a year to cash in? Lesnar grabs the mic and says he has a whole year and questions making a decision now. He looks at Rollins and says screw you.
As Lesnar leaves Carmella and R-Truth run through the crowd and to ringside trying to get away from other WWE SuperStars. He puts Carmella on his back and they run away.
My Opinion:
As it was earlier this is still good with Brock. It’s going to be better if they just let it happen at a moments notice because people will have a bigger reaction then. Rollins is getting angry but he needs to keep it in check and prepare for what he can and not for what might happen. As for the 24/7 title, the SuperStars are making this really funny and doing there best with it. I really enjoy it and I hope they continue to make this a fun title as it should be.

Backstage Segment:
Charly asks Styles what happened to him. Styles says at MITB he felt a pop in his lower back. He says he isn’ trying to take anything away from Rollins. He says he can’t go even though he wants another shot at the title. Charly asks how long he will be out for and Styles says more test have to be done. He then is knocked down from behind by Baron Corbin.

Match 2: Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross vs The Iconics
Kay locks with Cross and backs her in the corner. Royce tags in but Cross is able to get out of the corner. Royce is able to take Cross down and work her on the mat. They get to a verticle base and Royce keeps control on the ropes. Cross works a waist lock but Royce breaks out. Royce works a side headlock. The move is broken but Royce stays in control working the arm of Cross on the mat. Cross is able to get a roll-up but Royce kicks out. Royce gets back in control and continues on the arm of Cross. Cross tries to fight out but once again is taken down. Cross finally works a takedown of her own and works the arm of Royce. Royce fights back and is able to hold cross off long enough to tag Kay. Kay is taken down and Cross works a side headlock. Kay gets to her feet but again is taken down. Cross is able to send Kay out of the ring and Cross follows up with a crossbody taking out both Royce and Kay as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Kay works the arm of Cross. Cross gets to a verticle base and fights back but Kay gets away and hits Lynch. Cross works a roll-up but the ref is distracted by Lynch. Kay gets a front face lock to prevent Cross from getting the tag. She moves to a side headlock but Cross is able to fight her off. Royce gets the tag but so does Lynch. Lynch takes out both of the Iconics. She hits a becksploder and follows with a running forearm. In the corner. Lynch stomps Royce out. Lynch goes to the top and drops a leg drop. Kay comes in to break the cover. Kay tries to even the odds but is taken down by a big boot. Royce and Kay hit a double team on Lynch but it’s not enough to put her away. Lynch is able to plant Royce with a man handle slam. Lynch gets the 1 2 3 on the cover.
*** After the match Lacey Evans comes out and taunts Lynch but then walks back up the ramp.
Winners: Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross
My Opinion:
This was a good victory for Cross and Lynch but it is a shame The Iconics continue to lose. I mean at this point the Women’s Tag Titles have become very unimportant. The momentum of The Iconics has been ruined and this is what has to stop. If they are the champions then they need to compete like they are the best and get wins. They can’t continue to lose week in and week out. As for Lynch, it seems Evans is still very much in her head. Lynch though has Evans number so even if they face off again I don’t see Evans taking the title yet.

Backstage Segment:
The Usos block party continues. Tamina and Naomi have a big hug. The Revival show up and tell The Usos they appreciate they finally invited them to the block party. The Usos say they didn’t Naomi informs them she did. She tells them to squash the beef. The two teams shake hands and Naomi tells them to go eat.

Match 3: Cesaro vs Ricochet
Ricochet uses his quickness and agility to jump over Cesaro and then hit a hurricanrana as the match starts. Cesaro is able to hit a knee and gets in control. Ricochet comes back with big strikes and sends Cesaro to the outside. Ricochet flies over the ropes and takes out Cesaro as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Cesaro is in control and he works the lower back and rib cage of Ricochet. Ricochet tries to create space with shoulder shots to the gut but Cesaro beats him down. Cesaro throws Ricochet and goes for the cover but can’t get the three. Cesaro then stomps the ribs of Ricochet but still, it doesn’t put him away. Cesaro stays on him and again tries a cover but Ricochet won’t give in. Cesaro lands a stiff shot the back of Ricochet. Here comes Ricochet with an elbow. Cesaro tries an uppercut but can’t land. Ricochet lands a shot to the jaw of Cesaro and then flies off the top rope to take Cesaro down. He tries a cover but can’t get the three. Ricochet hits a standing shooting star press but still, Cesaro won’t stay down. Ricochet goes but top but struggles and it allows Cesaro to get to his feet and hit him with an uppercut. Cesaro meets him up top now and tries a suplex but Ricochet fights to the apron and is able to knock Cesaro back down the mat. Ricochet goes back up and tries the 630 but Cesaro moves and he has to roll through. Cesaro hits him with an uppercut and that drives Ricochet into the turnbuckle. Cesaro goes for the cover but still can’t get the win. Cesaro looks to slam him but Ricochet turns it into a powerbomb. A cover and still Ricochet can’t get the win. Ricochet is able to hang on at the apron and he stays on Cesaro and drops him on his head with a unique move. Ricochet goes for the cover and gets the 1 2 3.
Winner: Ricochet
My Opinion:
Once again one heck of a match between these two. Ricochet evens it and now the two are 1-1 against each other. Ricochet pulled out some amazing moves and honestly it seems Cesaro is bringing him to a new level. Cesaro got so hard-hitting but he’s gonna have to up the game. If they meet again there is no telling what could happen. Of course, I’m sure will see a third match between them but these two really need to come up with some unique moves for the next time.

*** Rey Mysterio is going to come to Raw next week and relinquish the United States Championship. On this announcement, Samoa Joe comes out and tells that he will come out and take back what is his.

Backstage Segment:
The Usos and The Revival compete in a corn hole game.

Backstage Segment:
The Miz tells how he use to tell how he should be champions. He says his life has changed now, he is closer to his father and he and Maryse just found out they are having a baby girl. He tells he is a Universal Champion outside the ring and it’s time he earns the right to be Universal Champion in the ring.

Backstage Segment:
Braun Strowman says you will witness what happens when three SuperStars willing get in the ring with him. He tells Lashley he will get these hands. He congratulates Miz on his new child and says he will do everything to make sure Baron Corbin gets these hands.

Backstage Segment:
Lashley says he has been playing too many games since he came back. He tells he is championship material and after tonight he will be going to Super-Show Down to take the Universal title. He tells Seth Rollins to go burn that down.

Match 4: The Miz vs Bobby Lashley vs Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman:
WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Match
Corbin and Lashley go after Strowman and Miz joins in. Miz then goes after Lashley and Strowman goes after Corbin. Lashley sends Miz to the outside and Strowman sends Corbin to the outside. Lashley then tries to work Strowman but Strowman fights back. Lashley pries him off and Corbin comes in attacking Strowman. Lashley and Corbin double team him and drive him shoulder first into the ring post. Miz comes in and takes down Lashley and Corbin. He hits the yes kicks on the tow but misses on the last one and is planted by Corbin. Corbin goes for the cover but Miz kicks outs. Corbin and Lashley continue to double team Miz. Lashley goes to the outside and drives Strowman into the barricade over and over. Miz tries to fight off Corbin and hits him with a headbutt. Lashley takes over and looks for a suplex but Miz hangs on and fights him off. Corbin helps Lashley after taking shots on Strowman. Lashley and Strowman grab Miz but Strowman comes in and slams them all. Strowman pins Lashley but he kicks out. Strowman is able to land a double dropkick taking out Corbin and Lashley. He then hits Corbin with a huge strike to the chest. On the outside. Strowman runs after Corbin but he is sideswiped by Lashley and driven into the barricade. Lashley and Corbin then throw Miz into the barricade. Corbin and Lashley then suplex Strowman on the stage as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Corbin and Lashley continue to beat down Miz, this time in the ring. Miz fights back and takes it to Corbin. Corbin turns it around and drives Miz into the turnbuckle. Miz tries a roll-up but Corbin kicks out. Corbin is sent to the outside. Lashley comes in and hits a verticle suplex on Miz. Lashley goes for the cover but Miz kicks out. Lashley then uses the ropes to choke Miz. Miz hangs Lashley up on the ropes but Lasley stays right on him. Lashley tries another suplex but Miz fights off. After a boot Miz is able to unload on Lashley. Miz lands double knees in the corner twice and then a clothesline. Corbin comes in but Miz hits him. Corbin is able to grab him and hit Deep 6. Corbin goes for the cover but Miz stays in it. Strowman comes in and takes it to both Lashley and Corbin. Corbin goes to the outside and Lasley is down in the ring. Strowman then slams Miz on the apron. Strowman then takes out Corbin in the time keeps area. Lashley though flies off the apron to take down Strowman. Strowman fights back and drives him into the crowd. The two then fight throughout the fans. Corbin comes in the ring and tries to capitalize on Miz but Miz rolls him up. Corbin kicks out. Another pin attempt and again Corbin kicks out. Mi hits double knees on him twice but as he goes for the clothesline he is caught and Corbin hits End Of Days and gets the 1 2 3.
Winner: Baron Corbin
My Opinion:
Well first off I don’t get why they made a huge deal that this was an elimination match and then had that as a finish. That’s the stuff people hate, they need to get it together. The finish was fine just don’t insult people and say oh those two took each other out of the match because there is no count outs or dq’s and it doesn’t work like that. Just don’t say anything about the elimination and this would have been fine but instead, they ruined it in a way. Anyway, good job to Baron Corbin. He continues to get huge wins and honestly hate him or love him he is getting the job done. He has a huge opportunity in front of him and being someone who loves Corbin I hope he comes ready to fight and puts on a good match with Rollins. This is his chance to show the world what he can do.

Backstage Segment:
R-Truth shows up to the block party and wrestler’s right away go after him. Truth is chased out of the party.

*** FireFly Fun House

In Ring Segment: Sami Zayn
Corey Graves says there is no greater challenge than the truth. He says SuperStars will step in the electric chair and tell the truth. He tells the fans that they ask the question no matter how controversial it is. Sami sits down and it is sent to Charly in the crowd. The first question is when is Sami’s retirement date. Sami asks the crowd member if his mother and father are related. It is then sent to Kayla. Sami is asked if he misses the ginger snaps from mixed match challenge. Sami asks the kid where her parents are and tells the parents they did a terrible job. He then asks if she is asking about Becky or Seth. It is then sent to Sara. Sami is asked how it feels when Braun Strowman destroys him. Sami says he wants to go punch him in the face and calls America toxic culture. He says he would be sued if he hit him and tied up in litigation. He then says American health care sucks. Sami says they could have asked him about his love life or if he is a good kisser. He then says he is a very tender lover. Sami is then asked why he hasn’t won the Universal title. Sami says it’s a dumb question and say he can in the title whenever. Sam then says you could have asked him about AEW. Corey then asks what about a match with Seth Rollins, how would that look. Here comes Seth Rollins. Rollins gets in the ring and chases him out. Seth then throws the electric chair out of the ring.
My Opinion:
Beautifully done Sami Zayn! I love the gimmick he has going, I love that he speaks his mind and just lets everyone have it. Love the AEW name drop, you knew they had to be mentioned at some point. Sami is killing it being a heel and I hope to see him sore to the top. I can only imagine how much he would turn it up if he had a title.

Match 5: Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn
Sami goes to the outside as the match starts. Sami gets back in the ring but before they can lock up Sami goes to the outside again. Back in the ring Rollins finally gets his hands on him and knocks him down. Rollins hits him with a big strike in the corner and then throws him to the outside. Rollins takes it to him and brings Zayn back in the ring. The two then go back outside and Rollins knocks him down. Back in the ring, Rollins works the wrist of Zayn. Rollins gets him to the mat and continues to work the hand and wrist of Zayn. in the corner Rollins stomps on him but is backed off by the ref. Zayn explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Zayn the lands a series of strikes on Rollins before stomping on him. Zayn hits him with a series of rights and Rollins goes back down. Zayn then goes to a chin lock and keeps Rollins grounded. Rollins gets to a verticle base but is quickly taken back down. Back on his feet, Rollins is taken down again by a shot from Zayn. Zayn goes for the cover but Rollins kicks out. Zayn then kicks Rollins in the face and gloats. Rollins comes back with a chop but Zayn continues with right hands. Rollins is knocked down again but still, Zayn can’t put Rollins away. Zayn hits him with a chop but Rollins comes back with a big clothesline. A knee to the spine and Zayn is sent to the outside. Zayn bounces Rollins off the post as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Zayn tries to put Rollins away but can’t. The two trade waist locks before Rollins hits a huge kick and creates space. Rollins hits a sling blade on Zayn. he goes to the second rope and hits the blockbuster. Zayn rolls to the outside. Rollins though hits a dive and takes out Zayn. he hits it a second time and again connects. Rollins hurts his knee and Zayn takes advantage. He hits a DDT and pins Rollins but he kicks out. Zayn works the knee of Rollins but Rollins fights back and lands a kick. Rollins looks for the stomp but misses. Zayn gets him in a figure four and Rollins is in tremendous pain. Rollins is able to reverse and Zayn has to grab the bottom rope. Rollins looks for the revolution knee but Zayn counters and hits the blue thunder bomb. Zayn goes for the cover but Rollins kicks out. Zayn then slaps around Zayn. Rollins is able to knock him off the top rope and Rollins flies trying for a frog splash. Zayn gets his knees up and goes for a cover but Rollins kicks out. Rollins and Zayn then trade strikes. Zayn grabs his leg and takes him down. Rollins drives him out of the ring. Zan renters and immediately is hit with the stomp. Rollins hits another stomp and gets the 1 2 3.
Winner: Seth Rollins  
My Opinion:
Rollins displayed his passion and his guts in this one. He took Zayn’s best shots and continued to fight and fight through the pain. Rollins defines what it means to be a champion and just let everyone know that no matter what he is going to continue to fight because this is his life. Zayn definitely made a case for himself to have another match with Rollins because he did almost have him. Either way, it was a great way to end the show and again the question is when will Lesnar cash in.

Final Thoughts:
This wasn’t the best Raw tonight, first off we had 5 matches with only 3 really killing it in a whole 3-hour show. I think there was way too much “entertainment” and not enough wrestling. Also, the Fatal Four Elimination debacle of is it an elimination match or not wasn’t good. Nor was the Iconics losing again. I do try to find some good and there was some, I did like the stuff with Brock Lesnar tonight. It’s good for him to continue to play mind games because again it will really get people when he shows up and cashes in. keep them guessing and it will draw a big reaction. Brock is also hilarious with his shenanigans now. Next, I loved the stuff with Kofi and Ziggler, yes it could have waited for SmackDown but I like the idea that Ziggler will be there to attack no matter where Kofi is. It definitely builds the suspense. I did find the 24/7 title stuff really funny and I even liked the block party. There was some good hype for Reigns and Shane and also, Ricochet and Cesaro killed it again. A big congrats to Baron Corbin, I’m glad he will have a shot at the title and I really hope he kills it! Let’s hope next week picks up as we will have the final hype for Super Show Down!
Overall Rating: 4/10