Raw Review 09/02/2019

RAW REVIEW 09/02/2019

As the King Of The Ring Tournament continues who will advance to the semi-finals as Ricochet takes on Samoa Joe and Cedric Alexander takes on Baron Corbin? Plus, what will happen to kick off Raw as the Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman meet to sign their Clash Of Champions Universal Championship Match contract? Also, after deliberation of retiring but deciding to stay after encouragement from his son what will Rey Mysterio say as he returns to Raw? The Boss Sasha Banks has been a path of destruction lately so will she do next on her quest of being the best? Finally, who will come out on top as Bayley and Becky Lynch team up to take on Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross?

Raw comes to us from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

Raw kicks off with us being welcomed by Renee Young and Corey Graves

In-Ring Segment: Universal Championship Contract Signing
Michael Cole tells that we are here to sign the contract for the Universal Championship however on the same night Rollins and Strowman must defend the tag titles against Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. He then asks Seth how they are going to function as a team. Rollins tells he is no stranger to defending two titles in one night. He says they can beat Roode and Ziggler and he intends on walking in as double champ, burn it down, and walk out a double champ. Braun says they will beat Roode and Ziggler but he can’t think of how awkward it’s going to be when your tag team champion beats you and becomes the Universal Champion. Rollins tells him he may be the monster among men but to win this Universal title he slayed the beast which is something Braun couldn’t do. He says at Clash Of Champions to keep this title he is going to slay a monster. Out comes AJ Styles with the rest of The O.C.
Cole tells them they have no business out here. Styles says at Clash Of Champions history will be made, he then repeats this again. Styles reiterates how we will see the tag champs defend their titles and then compete for the Universal title. Styles questions why Bruan is getting this opportunity. Styles says the U.S. champion should be getting the opportunity. He then asks who he is supposed to face. He says apparently you get title opportunities in the WWE just by looking at championships. He says no disrespect to Roode and Ziggler but they’re not even a real team. He then tells that the O.C. is a real team and if he and The Good Brothers don’t get what they want then no one will. Cole tries to stop styles but Styles tells him to shut up. He then gets in the ring and rips up the contract. The table is then flipped on Styles and Rollins and Strowman go after Gallows and Anderson and clear the ring as Raw goes to break.
My Opinion:
Well, we didn’t get te contract signed but The O.C. did make a statement. Styles has a point as to how Braun got the opportunity and there should have been an actual match to determine who would face Rollins. As for Gallows and Anderson, they have a true grip about losing the titles and then not being to get a shot at them. If The O.C. wants to get back to the top then this disruption is key and I expect it to continue until they do get what they want.

Match 1: The O.C. (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson w/ AJ Styles) vs Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman
As raw returns, Anderson controls Rollins will a headlock. He then hits a shoulder tackle but Rollins fights back and works the left arm of Anderson. Rollins tries a cover but Anderson kicks out. Rollins lands a big chop and then throws Anderson off the ropes but this allows Anderson to land a big kick. Gallows tags in and locks up with Rollins. Rollins is then pushed down. Braun tags himself in. Gallows pokes him and Braun shoves him off. Gallows is able to get Strowman into the corner and hits him with big shots to the body. Strowman comes back with a big boot. Rollins gets the tag and he works on the arm of Gallows. Gallows hits him with a right and tags Anderson. Rollins gets him off his feet with an arm drag and works an armbar. Anderson fights back and is able to get him in the corner. Again Rollins fights back and sends him off the turnbuckle. Rollins places him on the top rope and he then gets him hung up and stomps at his face. Rollins then drops him and tries a cover but Anderson kicks out. Anderson comes back with a shot to Rollins and Gallows comes back in. he continues with big rights and then bounces him off the turnbuckle. Rollins fights back with big chops and then hits a boot in the corner. Gallows catches him with a big right and drops Rollins to the mat. Anderson comes in and works on the shoulder of Rollins. Anderson looks for a suplex but Rollins blocks. Anderson prevents the tag and Gallows comes in to hit Rollins. Rollins is sent to the outside and Styles lands a cheap shot. Braun tries to go after him but is stopped by the ref as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Rollins fights off Gallows and hits him with an enziguri. Gallows gets to his feet and tags Anderson. Rollins fights him off and tags Strowman. Strowman hits him with shoulder tackles and is in control. Gallows tries to help but Strowman takes them both out. Rollins comes in after Strowman is caught up in the corner. Rollins takes it to Anderson and is finally is able to work a cover. Rollins gets the 1 2 3.
After the match, Styles comes in beats on Rollins. Rollins fights back and sends him to the outside. Rollins then flies and takes out Styles. Strowman then takes out both Gallows and Anderson and then Rollins by accident. Roode and Ziggler then come out and take it to Strowman. The O.C. joins in and they hold Strowman while he is hit with the steps. Rollins tries to help strowman but the numbers are too much. He is hit with a superkick and a DDT. they then beat up Strowman again. Strowman is then hit with a Magic Killer. Styles then hits Strowman with a Phenomenal Forearm.
Winners: Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman
My Opinion:
This was a good showing for Rollins and Strowman. They worked really well together in this one and definitely seemed on the same page which is good but obviously as their Universal title match gets closer that could change. The attack on them after the match was expected and it was a good move by The O.C. and Roode and Ziggler. This one shows Roode and Ziggler want the titles and that’s awesome so fans can by into them as a team even though they haven’t been together more than a week. Number two for The O.C. it continues to create the allure that they can strike at any time and they are as dangerous as they make themselves out to be.

Backstage Segment: Cedric Alexander
Charly introduces her guest Cedric Alexander. She asks him how he is preparing for this match. Cedric tells that while Corbin has been pretending and playing dress-up he… Cedric is caught off as he is attacked and laid out by The O.C.

Match 2: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode vs Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
Ziggler kicks Ryder and then drops him to the mat. He continues to work on him but Ryder fights back and drops Ziggler. Hawkins comes in and stays in control. He tries a cover but Ziggler kicks out. Hawkins is able to land a big neck breaker and stays on Ziggler/ Hawkins goes after Ziggler but Roode lands a big kick after a blind tag. He then goes to the floor and throws Hawkins into the barricade. Roode gets him in the ring and strikes Hawkins. He then hangs him up on the ropes. Ziggler comes in and tears at the eyes of Hawkins. He then works a chin lock. Hawkins gets to his feet and fights back with a right and a big kick. Ryder comes in and so does Roode. Ryder takes out Ziggler and then hits Roode in the corner. Ryder lands a missile dropkick and then tries a Rump Ryder but Roode counters. Hawkins tags in and they double team, Roode. A cover and it’s broken up by Ziggler. Ryder is sent outside and then Hawkins is his with a superkick. Roode connects with the Glorious DDT and gets the win on the cover.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode
My Opinion:
A big win for Roode and Ziggler as they continue to try and gel ahead of Clash Of Champions. They looked great tonight and even though they stumbled at times they seemed excited to be out there together and have a common goal. They’re a new team but they have a big opportunity ahead and the more matches they can get under their belt the better. They look really good and poised to win in just a few week’s time.

Backstage Segment:
Lacey Evans heads to the ring.

Match 3: Lacey Evans vs Natalya
Natalya takes a cheap shot before the match and mocks Evans. The match begins and Natalya works Evans on the mat. Evans comes back and works the arm of Natalya. Natalya works ut of it but Evans fights out with a back elbow. Natalya fights back and hits a basement dropkick. She tries a cover but Evans kicks out. Evans goes to the outside and Natalya meets her and throws her into the barricade. Evans comes back and hits Natalya from behind and drops her on the floor. In the ring, Evans tries a cover but Natalya kicks out. Evans works on the injured arm of Nataya and then taunts her. She works a submission hold putting more pressure on the injured arm. Evans hit a bronco buster in the corner. Evans keeps control in the corner but she then tries a moonsault and Natalya moves. Natalya fights back and hits a discus clothesline. Natalya is sent face-first into the turnbuckle. Natalya gets angry and works her on the ropes. Evans works a distraction and is able to land the Women’s Right.
Winner: Lacey Evans
My Opinion:
A very impressive win for Lacey Evans tonight. She has spent some time out of the spotlight so to come back into it and defeat Natalya is huge. For some reason, Natalya just seemed out of rhythm tonight and couldn’t capitalize when she was on the offensive. Evans was sly and did what she had to do and there is no fault in that. I’m interested to see where each goes next, Natalya is at a point where she needs to swim or she is about to sink. For Evans, she needs to try to get back to the tope but with Sasha Banks back she is going to need to be on point in the ring and continue track up big wins.

Backstage Segment:
Becky Lynch is live, next!

In-Ring Segment: Becky Lynch
Lynch says it’s good to be back in Baltimore. She says The Man has something to say and then asks where Sasha Banks is. She tells that she heard banks excuses and said it is a load of crap. She asks what happened to Banks and tells she has no reason to be whining. She goes over how Banks was the face of NXT, she was a main eventer, and even got flowers after winning the tag titles. Lynch tells she was an afterthought while Banks and Flair were put in the front. She says she showed the Flair’s why she is The Man and will do the same to Banks, that delusion little weirdo. She tells how Bayley is doing fine without Sasha. She says Banks should be historic and the game changer, she should be her. She tells her let’s do this fae to face, women to women. She says the anticipation is building, Banks music hits.
Banks says Lynch is right she was supposed to be her, she was supposed to main event WrestleMania, be on magazine covers, and have the money and fame. She tells Lynch she got all that stuff because Nia Jax broke her face. She says this is business just like when she attacked Lynch with the chair. She says she can make this personal. Lynch tells her let’s fight right now. Banks says she isn’t going to do anything for free. She does it when she wants and she does it for the paycheck. She says the next time she faces Lynch will be for that Raw titles at Clash Of Champions. Lynch says all she had to was ask and asks what’s bigger than The Man versus The Boss. Banks tells her after Clash Of Champions The Man is going to be The Bosses bitch.
My Opinion:
Some very strong words from Sasha Banks tonight and the way she has been looking since returning tells me she can live up to them. Lynch took this match quickly because she is a fighting champion but maybe this is bad for her. Banks seems to have the upper hand and with this chance at the title you know she is ready. Banks has probably been thinking about this match for months now and you know she is going to come swinging. No doubt this is going to be a heck of a match and I can’t wait to see these two go at it!

Backstage Segment: The Street Profits
Dawkins asks Ford what they’re supposed to say to that. Ford says we should go to commercial in 3, 2, 1.

Match 4: Baron Corbin vs Cedric Alexander: Second Round Match of the King Of The Ring Tournament
Corbin backs Alexander into the corner but Alexander is able to slide out unscathed. Alexander lands a shot to the face of Corbin and then hammers away. Corbin misses him in the corner but is able to turn it into a clothesline. Corbin stays on him and lifts him from the mat. Alexander fights back and is able to land a big kick. Alexander then flies to the outside to take out Corbin. Alexander flies off the top rope and takes down Corbin. He goes for the cover but Corbin kicks out. Corbin lands a big right. He tries to follow up in the corner but is hit with a boot. Corbin gets Alexnader caught up in the rope and he hits his head of the post. Corbin is able to drop him to the floor as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Corbin goes to work driving his elbow into the neck of Alexander. He then works a submission hold. Corbin sends Alexander off the ropes and hits him in the back. Corbin steps on Alexander in the corner and uses the ropes to put all his weight on him. Corbin continues with shots to Alexander. Alexander finally creates space with an enziguri. He then lands a dropkick to the knee to send Corbin into the turnbuckle. Another dropkick and Alexander is in control. Alexander comes off the ropes but is caught and hit with a spine buster. Corbin goes for the cover but Alexander kicks out. Corbin bounces him off the turnbuckle and then sends him tot he apron. Alexander lands a boot and then comes in to hit a DDT. he goes for the cover but Corbin kicks out. Alexander moves out of the way in the corner and is able to send Corbin into the ring post shoulder first. Alexander then sends him into the post two mores. On the other side, he does this once again before unloading with vicious kicks. Alexander then flies to the outside to take out Corbin. Alexander goes up top and flies to land a big kick. A cover and a kick out by Corbin. Alexander picks up Corbin but is hit with a right hand. Alexander fights out of End of Days and rolls him up, Corbin kicks out. Alexander lands the Michinoku driver but again he can’t put Corbin away. Alexander is sent tot he apron but then lands a kick to the side of the face. Corbin catches him and lands End Of Days. Corbin goes for the cover and gets the 1 2 3.
Winner: Advances to the Semi-Finals of KOTR
My Opinion:
Congrats to Baron Corbin winning and advancing. He continues to win in big situations and continues to be impressive. Although many don’t believe in Corbin he shows up and shows out in big moments and there is no doubting his impressive in-ring work. He is an athletic big man and can take a lot of punishment which could make him a favorite to win this tournament as he is only two wins away. For Cedric Alexander, you have to give him huge props for staying in this one. He pulled out every trick in the book but one mistake and it was over, Cedric has big things in his future and he can take this and build off of it.

*** We are shown a look at the developing Roman Reigns story

*** Stone Cold Steve Austin offers to be the moderator for the Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins contract signing next week!

Backstage Segment: Bayley
Charly asks Bayley about Sasha Banks shocking return. Bayley doesn’t comment. She then asks about how Banks said that their title run meant nothing. Bayley says she won’t get into what they talked about because it’s personal. Bayley says we know she took her ball and went home and we all have our choice to make. She says she stayed and went to SmackDown and now is the champion and tonight she is teaming with Becky Lynch. Charly then asks Bayley if she feels overshadowed by the man. She says she won’t be overshadowed by anyone and the titles mean the same. She says by the end of the night we will see who is standing in who’s shadow.

Match 5: The Viking Raiders vs Tyler Hastings & Brian Thomas
Ivar takes control and lands a big shoulder tackle. He and Erik team up and work a double team. Ivar then takes control on the outside and crushes Thomas. Erik then takes out both Hastings and Thomas. Hastings is then hit with the Viking Experience.
Winners: The Viking Raiders
My Opinion:
Another enhancement match for the Viking Raiders and it’s so unfortunate to see what’s happened to these guys. They dominated the world, they dominated NXT and now we are here. It’s sad to see and I hope it gets turned around for them because they should be fighting for the tag titles, they should be the top team but nope they just go out there every week and are forced to do this. It’s a very sad thing for such a good team. They are a team that honestly if they left I wouldn’t blame them and maybe then we can get War Machine like the good old days.

Backstage Segment: Sasha Banks
Banks is asked if she is rooting for Bayley to win tonight. She tells Sarah she sees what she is trying to do her and tells her to get the hell out of her face.

*** It is now official Stone Cold will moderate the contract signing.

Match 6: Samoa Joe vs Ricochet: Second Round of the King Of The Ring Tournament
Joe locks up with Ricochet and quickly controls his arm. He gets him on the mat and headbutts his hand. Ricochet turns it around and works the left arm of Joe. Joe counters and again brings Ricochet to the mat. Ricochet fights out and works the arm of, Joe, once again. Joe gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. Joe locks up with him once again and lands a big kick. He then lands another kick and tries a third but he gets caught for a moment before turning it into a kneebar. Ricochet gets to the ropes. Joe lands anothe kick and continues to wok on the leg. In the corner, he gets Ricochet’s leg on the rope and he punches away. He then lands a huge chop. Ricochet fights back with big right hands but Joe stops him. Ricochet uses his quickness but can’t get Joe on the ground. Ricochet comes back and sends Joe to the outside. Ricochet tries to fly but has to land on his feet as Joe moves. Ricochet stays the course and does take him down. Back in the ring, Ricochet hits Joe and then tries to Irish whip him but he is caught and hung up on the top rope. Joe then goes back to work on the knees of Ricochet driving them into the mat. Joe then gets him in a half crab but Ricochet gets to the ropes. Joe lands a headbutt and then throws Ricochet off the ropes but Ricochet uses his quickness to get away. He lands a moonsault but it isn’t enough to put Joe away. Ricochet lands hard on his bad knee. He is then turned inside out by a uranage. On the outside, Joe lands an exploder suplex into the barricade. Joe goes for the cover but Ricochet kicks out. Joe then works on the neck of Ricochet and wrenches on it. Ricochet fights out but is then hit with a huge backdrop as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Joe works the neck of Ricochet again. Ricochet gets to his feet and uses elbow shots to try to fight out but Joe lands a headbutt and again sends him to the mat. Ricochet rallies in the corner with an enziguri. He then takes Joe down to the mat with a dropkick. He blocks the right hand and lands a chop and then a right hand. He lands a head scissors and Joe goes into the corner. He takes Joe down again and then lands a standing shooting star. A cover and a kick out by Joe. joe fights back and lands a huge powerslam out of nowhere. Joe lifts him and grabs him but Ricochet again fights out. He lands a roll through but still can’t put him away. Ricochet stuns him again with a kick. Ricochet flies and takes him down with a tiger drop to the outside. Ricochet goes to the top rope but Joe gets to his feet and knocks him down. Joe meets him up top but Ricochet continues to fight. He locks in the Coquina Clutch and Ricochet is fading. Ricochet pushes him down and both men fall. With an arm on each other, the ref counts the 1 2 3. John Cone goes to the outside and asks for a headset. He talks to someone in the back and the order is giving. He tells Ricochet the match is over and they will make a ruling soon. Joe comes from behind and drops Ricochet with a right hand. He brings him into the ring but here Ricochet fights back and sends Joe to the outside after hitting the recoil.
Winner: No Winner ATM
My Opinion:
This was a heck of a back and forth match between these two and it’s a shame it ended this way but it’s fitting because that’s how close this thing was. Both men deserve to go on to next week. I mean how even this was and how hard these two fought was downright impressive. A triple threat match would be pretty awesome next week and in a sport where one man has to win, I’d say the unlikely situation happened tonight and both men won.

Backstage Segment: Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman
Braun asks Rollins if he saw the news about Stone Cold. Rollins said he did and it’s probably the best thing to happen. Braun says he doesn’t like it after hearing stone Cold talk up Rollins. Rollins asks if he really thinks this is a setup. He says he knows if one of them turns their back on each other they will have an advantage. He says he knows what it means to turn or be turned on. He says no one dictates Stone Cold but he hopes he can stop what happened tonight next week. Braun says if Stone Cold gets in his way he is going to get these hands.

*** New Firefly Fun House!!!

Backstage Segment: Samoa Joe vs Ricochet Decision
Corey Grave asks Referee Cone what the official decision is. Corbin comes up and says Joe and Ricochet eliminate each other so he should get a bye to the finals. Cone says management decided both were not eliminated and next week we will have a tripe threat match.

Backstage Segment: Rey Mysterio
Charly asks Rey about the emotional rollercoaster he’s been facing. He says his son spoke to him and convinced him to continue fighting. He said later that night they had a father-son moment and his son told him how much it meant to grow up in the WWE family. He says he can’t thank him enough for convincing him and helping continue pursuing his passion. He says as parents it’s our responsibility to push our children to follow and pursue their dreams but now his son is pushing him to help continue his. He says he isn’t done and has much more to accomplish and he is doing this for his son Dominick.

Match 7: The Miz vs Cesaro
Cesaro lands a quick uppercut and goes for the cover but Miz kicks out. On the outside, Cesaro lands another uppercut and then drops Miz on the barricade. Back in the ring, Cesaro drops Miz and goes for the cover again but Miz kicks out. Miz fights back and lands a huge neck breaker. Miz then lands the IT Kicks.he misses on the last one and again is hit with an uppercut. A cover a kick out by Miz. Cesaro goes to the second rope and grabs Miz, he then lifts him and lands a suplex. Another cover and another kick out by Miz. Cesaro then works the arm of Miz. Miz fights back with right hands. Miz lands a kick and then hits a DDT but it isn’t enough to put Cesaro away. Miz lands more right hands and backs Cesaro itno the corner he then lands big kicks to the arm. He delivers two big knees but Cesaro then catches him and lands another uppercut. He goes for the cover but still can’t put him away. Cesaro rolls him up but again Miz stays in this. Miz fights out and looks for the figure four but is sent to the apron. Two failed covers and Miz goes back after Cesaro in the corner. Cesaro lands another uppercut. Miz comes out of nowhere and lands the Skull Crushing Finale. The cover and the 1 2 3 for The Miz.
Winner: The Miz
My Opinion:
A Big momentum-building win for Miz as he heads into his Intercontinental Championship match at C.O.C. Miz was beaten up in this one but he stayed the course and picked his spot. This is important for him because it proves he can stay in it and wait for the perfect moment to put things away. Cesaro came out and hit hard but again he can’t get the job done. It’s hard to watch Cesaro struggle to get wins when he really is so good in that ring. He’s someone that just isn’t given what he deserves and you wonder where he will go next if things continue like this for him.

Match 8: Becky Lynch & Bayley vs Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross
Bayley works the arm of Cross and brings her to the mat. Cross turns the table and gets on her back. Bayley comes back and lands a snap suplex. Cross backs her into the corner but is then sent to the outside. Bayley then takes her down on the floor. Lynch then helps and takes out Bliss. Out comes Sasha Banks as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Banks watches from ringside. Bliss takes down Bayley and goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Bliss then wrenches on the face of Bayley on the mat. Bayley fights back but is driven into the corner. Cross takes down Bayley and then places her on the top rope. She gets her hung up and she kicks her. She then hits a headbutt to the midsection of Bayley. Cross blasts Bayley to the outside preventing the tag. Cross grabs her and throws her into the ring. Bliss comes in and she and Cross whip Balye itno the corner. They then hit a double team move on Bayley. Bliss goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Cross comes back in and stops Bayley from getting the tag again. She throws Bayley to the mat and then hits Lynch with another elbow. Cross and Bliss then unload on Bayley in the corner. Bayley lands an elbow and then a forearm before sending Bliss to the outside. She then hangs up Cross. Bliss comes back in and stops Bayley in her corner. Bayley tries a roll up but Bliss kicks out. Bayley finally gets the tag Lynch takes out both Cross and Bliss. She then lands a series of knees before hitting kicks and forearms. Lynch lands a leg drop but Cross comes in to break up the cover. Lynch lands two big kicks and then lands a becksploder. She lands a kick to Cross and then one to Bliss. Banks comes in and attacks Lynch with a backstabber. She then sends Lynch into the corner. Banks goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Banks then unloads on the back of Lynch. Bayley comes in and grabs the chair from Banks. Bayley then grabs the chair and unloads on Becky as raw goes off the air.
Winners: Bayley & Becky Lynch: Via DQ
My Opinion:
That was an okay match to end the night but the bigger story is Bayley! Wow, I loved that so much having Bayley turn and unload on Lynch. She for sure wasn’t overshadowed and tonight ended on one of those awesome notes. The rivalry with Banks and Lynch is just heating up and it makes me so excited for next week to continue to see how this unfolds. It also should be interesting to see if Bayley is on SmackDown and what she says or does if she is there.

Final Thoughts:
First off, I loved the KOTR matches we saw tonight. I thought both matches were hard-hitting and could have gone either way which again is why I love the tournament. I liked the decision to allow both Joe and Ricochet advance to next week. Both men deserved it and it is going to be one heck of match with the triple threat we will get. I thought The O.C. did well in trying to recement themselves after a few touhg weeks. We will see what they continue to bring as it sees more destruction is on the horizon. Strowman and Rollins looked good tonight as a team and so did their opponents for C.OC Roode and Ziggler. Both teams are working well and it should be interesting to see which of the team can get an edge but with Rollins and Strowman having a match for the Universal title it seems this is set for Roode and Ziggler. I wasn’t a fan of how The Viking Raiders had another enhancement match but I hope that changes soon. On another note, I thought the new Firefly Fun House was awesome and I hope The Fiend gets that Universal title match at Hell In A Cell and wins the big one! I was also excited to see that we will get Sasha versus Becky for the Raw Women’s champions. On that same note, the main event left us with a high note with Bayley unloading on Lynch. This was an awesome moment and it killed it! This rivalry with Banks and Lynch is becoming so special and now Bayley got in on it and brought their stock up big time! I loved it! I can’t wait for Raw at MSG next week, we get that huge triple threat and Stone Cold Steve Austin so this should be good!!!
Overall Rating: 7/10