Smackdown Review 02/21/2020

Smackdown Review 02/21/2020


Its the Wrestling Classic aka Justin Dhillon back here for this weeks review of Smackdown. The review is late because I am out here in California but I wanted to share my thoughts on this most recent episode of Smackdown. With Super Showdown around the corner, Goldberg makes a live appearance to confront The Fiend. Also Naomi takes on Carmella where the winner will face Bayley for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Technically this is the go-home show for Super Showdown since its this upcoming Thursday and the next episode will be the fall-out. Lets see how it went.

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Live from the Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ.

– Michael Cole and Corey Graves are our announce team for the evening.

The Usos Promo
The Usos talk about missing last week and go into taking shots at John Morrison and The Miz. They then bring out SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day – Kofi Kingston and Big E. The two teams trade praise for each other until Big E points out they have one more title reign, and that makes The New Day better. This turns to words of friendly competition between the two teams. The music hits and out comes Miz and Morrison. They take shots at the other two teams in the ring, and say they should be jealous because Miz and Morrison are the best. Miz references how Dolph Ziggler crashed Otis’ Valentine’s Day date with Mandy Rose, and then introduces him. Ziggler comes out with Robert Roode.
My Thoughts
I knew there was no way this wasn’t going to lead to some sort of match but I did originally think it was going to be The Usos vs The New Day over an eight man tag. It was a nice call back to the New Day and Use feud which was great years ago and also cool to see the three real life close friends of Miz, Morrison and Ziggler being able to work together.

The Usos & The New Day def. The Miz, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode
In a competitive eight man tag, the Usos and The New Day defeated Miz, Morrison, Ziggler and Roode when after Jimmy hit a superkick on Roode.
My Thoughts
This was a fun way to kick off the show but I am not huge fan of six or eight or ten man tag matches on Raw and Smackdown. Also, once again Miz and Morrison take an L before their tag team title match but this time it was at the expense of Roode. I am however glad that The Usos picked up the win.

– Backstage, Drew Gulak stops Daniel Bryan. Gulak says he noticed Bryan had some holes in his game, so he’s prepared a PowerPoint presentation to help him. Bryan isn’t taking this serious it appears. Gulak says he got pointers from watching Bryan’s match with The Fiend, his recent tag team match and the match with Heath Slater. Slater appears and he’s furious because Bryan beat him when he wasn’t ready. He also made Slater’s kids cry. Slater has his fists up and he wants another match. He goes on and Bryan asks him if he’s ready now. He sure is. Bryan tells Gulak to help Slater out, then walks off. Gulak says they’ve got a lot of work to do.

Tucker confronts Mandy Rose
There is a video package on the recent events between Otis and Mandy Rose, including how Otis was brokenhearted after showing up to their Valentine’s Day date to see Dolph Ziggler sitting at their table with Rose. Rose and Sonya Deville are backstage talking now when Tucker walks up. He says Rose hurt his boy. Mandy says this is not the time but he says he just wants to talk. Tucker says Rose agreed to go with Otis on a date and then she invited Ziggler. He talks about how rough Otis is taking it. Mandy says she invited Ziggler when Otis didn’t show up. Tucker asks why did she send a text message saying she was running late. Rose is confused about that and it seems like she didn’t send the text. Maybe Ziggler set Otis up? Tucker goes on about how sweet Otis is and then has some tense words for Rose. He walks off. Sonya says maybe Mandy dodged a bullet because she did have fun with Ziggler. Rose says yes but she was kind of looking forward to going out with Otis, but oh well. Deville says Ziggler is more like Rose’s type anyway. Rose might not be so sure of that.
My Thoughts
The plot thickens and there seems to be more than meets the eye here. Did Mandy send that text that she was running late? Was it Ziggler or Sonya? Maybe it’s Tucker himself and he’s trying to fool us all? I dig it.

Renee Young Interviews Lacey Evans
Cole sends us backstage to Renee Young for her sit-down interview with Lacey Evans. Lacey talks about taking the Royal Rumble loss to SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley hard as a Marine. They talk about Bayley and Sasha Banks being bullies. Evans says she’s changed and made progress with her own self because she first saw how much of a bully she was when she saw Banks and Bayley picking on her own daughter. Evans says it’s a new her, she’s changed. Renee asks what’s next for the Sassy Southern Bell and Evans responds that she has her eyes on the Elimination Chamber and her goal is to become champion at WrestleMania 36. Evans is all friendly smiles as they say a few words to wrap the interview.
My Thoughts
This was a good way to bring Lacey Evans back up as we haven’t seen much of her since the Royal Rumble. Whether she does or does not find herself in the Wrestlemania 36 Women’s Championship match, I think she is a future women’s champion and possibly by the time this year ends. I do miss her as a heel but I feel like her real life background being shared more on television as a former marine and a mother is going to keep her as a babyface for a while now.

Symphony of Destruction Match Elias & Braun Strowman def. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn
In an entertaining brawl remniscent of the hardcore matches of a past generation, Elias and Strowman defeated Cesaro and Nakamura after Strowman slammed Nakamura through a piano.
My Thoughts
This was a fun and entertaining match that had a ton of musical instruments as weapons. However with the calibre of talent that was in this match feel like they should be doing more or at least in matches that are a bit more serious. I mean its one match of many and its nothing they can’t bounce back from. I just miss when Strowman was really a monster and Shinsuke was serious threat.

– Backstage, King Corbin is approached by Kayla Braxton for comments on Super ShowDown. Corbin says this will be the end of Roman Reigns, the end of the facade that he is the locker room leader and the face of WWE. Corbin goes on knocking Reigns and The Usos. He says the fact is that Reigns has never beat him in a one-on-one match, which is why he will take him out next week in the Steel Cage, using the chain-link on his face. Corbin says after that, he will replace Reigns on the posters and the billboards. Corbin goes on about how everyone will bow to him as the King after next week.

A Moment of Bliss w/ The Bella Twins
Alexa Bliss for the latest edition of her “A Moment of Bliss” segment. She welcomes us to a special Hall of Fame edition of her show. Bliss goes over the names announced for the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame Class so far – Batista and the nWo. Alexa then announces The Bella Twins for the Hall of Fame. This brings out Nikki Bella and Brie Bella, who are both pregnant. Fans cheer them on as Bliss congratulates them. Nikki talks about how grateful they are and says they wouldn’t be where they are and would not have broken the barriers they did over the years if it weren’t for their Bella Army. Brie agrees and gives praise to the women’s division for how they continue to raise the bar. Brie also mentions how grateful they are. They bring up their pregnancies and how they’re a week and a half apart. Brie says with that and Nikki’s engagement, the Hall of Fame induction is just the cherry on top of a great year. They go on and thank the fans some more, and say they better see the Bella Army in Tampa for the induction ceremony. The music hits and they celebrate some until Daniel Bryan’s music hits. Bryan comes out with their daughter Birdie. He greets The Bellas and hands the kid over to his wife. Bryan heads to the ring as a “Yes!” chant starts up.
My Thoughts
This announcement was very polarizing. I have gone into detail about my thoughts on it on a previous episode of the “TWC Show” and I’ll talk about it again on an upcoming episode in weeks leading Wrestlemania but the short length opinion, is they do deserve it and they have earned it. I might not have said that 10 years ago but what they have accomplished these past ten years…it’s fair. We can agree to disagree but if you want to hear my argument, listen to the show and then tell me I’m wrong.

Daniel Bryan def. Heath Slater
Drew Gulak was on commentary for this match. Bryan defeats Slater after a running knee.
My Thoughts
I like the idea of Gulak coaching Slater as it gives them both something to do. Quick and decisive win for Bryan. I also wonder if Bryan requested to work with Gulak and if this is to lead to a major Bryan and Gulak feud which is even more exciting.

– The screen flickers some more as we see Mandy Rose backstage waiting for her car to pick her up. Dolph Ziggler walks up and offers her a ride as he has his car with him tonight. Mandy says sure and leaves with Ziggler. We see Otis emerge from behind a stack of production cases, apparently he was watching Rose. Otis looks angry.

– We cut to a backstage pre-recorded promo from Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior knocks Shorty G and Apollo Crews for trying to come at him last week. Sheamus says the problems for SmackDown are far from over and now it’s time for him to start hunting bigger prey. It’s time to end this infestation once and for all, to exterminate every rat in the locker room. Sheamus says he will do that in the biggest trap of them all when he enters the Elimination Chamber. We cut to G and Crews in the locker room. G talks about Sheamus being a bully and that making him sick. G isn’t backing down and Crews shouldn’t either. Crews says he doesn’t need G’s little pep talk. He says G can handle Sheamus his way, he will handle business his own way. Crews walks off.

#1 Contenders Match
Naomi def. Carmella
In a completive main event match, Naomi defeated Carmella after hitting the split legged moonsault.
After the match Naomi and Carmella have moment of sportsmanship by showing respect to each other.
My Thoughts
Once again, Carmella delivers in a match with high stakes. These are two women who have a friendship but were battling for the opportunity to be champ and they held nothing back. The fact that Mella got a shot last week and Naomi’s first Smackdown since returning involved her getting in Bayley’s face made the outcome of this predictable but we got a match out of it that showcased the incredible talent of both women.

Golberg meets The Fiend
The familiar music starts up as we see security backstage at the locker room door of WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg. They knock and out he comes. Goldberg marches to the ring and stops for the usual pyro. Goldberg hits the ring as fans chant his name and cheer him on.
Goldberg says damn it’s good to be back. It’s been a long time since he’s said this in the ring at SmackDown, so he’s going to take his sweet time and enjoy it. He addresses WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt to a pop. Goldberg says whoever and whatever you are, know this – I’m ready. The Firefly Fun House music interrupts as we see Wyatt on the big screen. He’s startled as he was busy coloring in some of the eyes on the photos hanging up on the wall. Wyatt starts with the jokes and mind games but Goldberg isn’t here for those games, he knows Wyatt and he’s ready to end him.
Wyatt says Bill doesn’t know him at all and he’s not taking anything. Wyatt wants them to get to know each other before Super ShowDown. He introduces some of his special friends – the various Firefly puppets. Last but certainly not least, Wyatt knows someone who has been dying to meet Goldberg, he says with a more serious tone. The lights go out in the arena and then they come back on. Goldberg takes the mic and says it must be The Fiend, and he must be right behind him. Goldberg turns around and as he predicted, there is The Fiend. Fans chant for Goldberg. They both immediately charge at the same time but Goldberg drops Fiend with a Spear.
Graves says The Fiend is hurt. Cole says Goldberg isn’t done. The Fiend slowly gets up as Goldberg tells him to bring it. The lights go back out as fans boo. The lights come back on and The Fiend is gone. Goldberg laughs and nods his head like that’s what he thought would happen. We hear Wyatt’s laughs echo out across the arena. Goldberg hits the corners to pose as his music starts back up.
My Thoughts
I enjoyed this. I mean it still blows my mind that we’re getting Goldberg AGAIN and against The Fiend but for Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia…sure. It is one of those things you’d think wed never see so I should appreciate it more. I still enjoy the Goldberg entrance and I enjoy seeing The Fiend.The Fiend got a taste of what Goldberg is about and now hes ready to destroy him.

Final Thoughts
This weeks episode of Smackdown progressed angles, characters, had a fun gimmicky match and handful of good competitive ones.Its always great when The Fiend actually makes an appearance on the show. It’s always cool to see superstars we dont see often like Goldberg and the Bella Twins make appearances. There were some things I didn’t enjoy that much but not enough that it made me dislike this episode. Be sure to check it out before Super Showdown if you skipped it.