WWE Superstars Review – 8/19/16

WWE Superstars Review – 8/19/16

Match #1

Sin Cara vs Curtis Axel

Sin Cara dodges a few attacks by Axel and hits a springboard arm drag. Axel elbows Sin Cara out of the ring and takes control. Really nice dropkick by Axel. Sleeper hold by Axel and now I feel like I’m watching a 2002-2003 Triple H title defense. Axel misses with an elbow drop and Sin Cara starts his comeback. Springboard crossbody by Sin Cara. Springboard back elbow by Sin Cara. This is practically 2003 Triple H vs 2007 Carlito. Suicide dive by Sin Cara. Springboard second rope moonsault by Sin Cara. Sin Cara hits the Senton Bomb for the win.


Really mediocre match. Got barely any time. Sin Cara just spams the second rope moves and Axel gets a stomp in or two. I find it way too difficult to get into Sin Cara as a sympathetic face when you can’t even see his face.

Match #2

Bo Dallas vs Jack Swagger

Bo and Swagger lock up early and Bo leaves the ring. Bo does the Bo Train around the ring and then gets back in and locks up with Swagger. Swagger easily takes Bo down a few times with slams before Bo elbows him in the head. Swagger locks in a ankle lock for a quick moment before Bo gets the ropes. Bo goes outside the ring and tells everyone he’s okay. He tries the Bo Train again but Swagger gets out of the ring and clotheslines him. Back from the break and Bo Dallas escapes the ring again. Swagger goes to grab him and Dallas guillotines him on the ropes. Bo puts the apron curtain over Swagger’s head and clubs away at him. Back in the ring Bo hits a bunch of knees to the head area of Swagger. Swagger fights back and tosses Dallas into the corner. Swagger hits two running clotheslines in the corner and follows it up with a big slam to the mat. Swagger hits a Clothesline from Hell for a near fall. Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb but Dallas gets his feet up and rolls Jack up for two. Swagger goes for a scoop slam but Dallas powers out and hits an inverted DDT. Dallas goes for the BoDog but Swagger throws him down and catches the ankle. Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock and Bo taps.


This was decently fun. I actually think these two have great chemistry and if they got a little bit more time I think it could have been really good. I love that Swagger is doing variations of the Clothesline from Hell. And Bo Dallas comes across genuinely funny in the ring. He’s one of those people, like Slater, Axel, Miz, Sheamus, Summer, etc that don’t mind embarrassing themselves in the ring for entertainment and Bo very well might be the best at that. Fun match but I wish it got more time to develop. Not even a lot more time, just 2-3 extra minutes.


Not the best episode I’ve ever watched. Axel vs Sin Cara didn’t really offer anything in the extremely short time slot it had. Swagger/Dallas was fun but never really got to hit it’s stride and felt rushed. Swagger and Bo both did a wonderful job in their roles though. Swagger plays a fantastic face.