Q&A with JordanJoMo

Q&A with Jordan Bass AKA JordanJoMo

Hey there folks, Jordan Bass here once again for a new blog that I plan to do editions of every once in a while where I answer questions my followers on Instagram asked me (@JordanJoMo on Instagram). Let’s get to answering!

@divafanatix asks: How do you feel about the new changes in the Women’s division and who would you like to see next as WWE Women’s Champion?

A: I’m really glad the division has somewhat started to evolve as we have a new belt design, brand new name for it, and getting rid of the term “Divas”. However, they aren’t necessarily doing much to change how the division is looked at.  The night after Wrestlemania 32, Sasha Banks defeated Summer Rae in less than 2 minutes on Raw and that was the only women’s match that night. The only women’s match on Smackdown was Natalya quickly defeating Summer Rae. This week on Raw, while we got a lengthy, good Women’s Championship match between Charlotte and Natalya, but that was the only women’s match on the show. If you’re going to begin evolving this division there has to be more changes then just a new belt and a new name for the division. Give them multiple matches on the show. Make the matches longer. Not every match has to be lengthy, I get the idea of squash matches, but if you continue to have the division still booked as it was previous to these “changes” then nothing will change. They’re also forcing the term “women’s superstars”. It’s totally fine that that’s what they’re called now, but the commentators are totally forcing the term to the point that it’s already annoying. Let it be a natural thing. As for who I want to be the next Women’s Champion, absolutely Sasha Banks. She should’ve walked away as champion at Wrestlemania 32 but I get the idea of her winning it in a one on one situation. Banks beating Charlotte for the title at Summerslam is my ideal booking decision.

@armbarwrestling asks: Thoughts on PROGRESS, RevPro, ICW, and the British scene in general?

A: I only keep up with PROGRESS as I have their on-demand service, so I can’t speak on thoughts regarding RevPro and ICW. PROGRESS is a really fun promotion. It has such a cool feel to it and is unlike any other promotion out there. They’ve got a great cult following and the wrestling is excellent. This is a company that has a lot of great, some out there, characters, but practically all of them are incredible wrestlers. They have some of the best in the world wrestling for them, such as Mark Haskins, Tommy End, Mark Andrews, my favorite technical wrestler in the world Jack Gallagher, and their current champion, Marty Scurll. You have some other great talent in Rampage Brown, El Ligero, the London Riots, Pastor William Eaver, Flash Morgan Webster; the list goes on and on. I love watching their shows as each one is one heck of a watch.

@mobes1996 asks: Which Tough Enough contestant from the past year do you feel will have the most impact on the company?

A: I doubt the winner Josh will do much of anything. He’s an intimidating guy but lacks charisma. Don’t see a ton of success for Sara Lee, as she also lacks charisma and never really showed anything to me during the competition that proved her to be worthy of being in the WWE, besides her being rather attractive. Amanda could do well if she turns out to be a competent worker. She’s got a good look for a heel women’s wrestler. Above all of them though, I see success for Patrick Clark. He has passion and drive and a great look. Once he makes it to NXT TV I could definitely see him becoming a popular roster member.

@mobes1996 also asks: What is your go-to fast food item and soda?

When I’m hungry and want a quick bite I mostly always hit up Sonic. I either get a Sonic cheeseburger or a grilled cheese with bacon, those are my two favorite items on the menu. As for the soda, I always go with a vanilla Dr. Pepper.

@jl12354 asks: Out of all the call-ups since Wrestlemania, who do you think will make the biggest impact going forward?

A: Apollo Crews’ success is questionable, Enzo and Cass can be huge if booked right, and The Vaudevillians won’t be anything ever. Baron Corbin is the answer for me on this one. He has potential to be an intimidating figure for years to come. He should be the guy that the authority figure says “Well you’re gonna have to face… Baron Corbin!” similar to how they’ve done that with Kane and Big Show for years. I think Corbin will be very dominant for his whole run with the company.

@jeffhardyisgod asks: Who in NXT do you think will never make it to the main roster?

A: Well obviously there are a lot of no names in NXT that I don’t see ever making it to the main roster, and then there are the guys that have been there for a while and made little to no impact, which are the likes of Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins. At this point I don’t really see Blake and Murphy making it to the main roster even though I think they’d be a great fit. Elias Samson doesn’t have much of a future either. He’s a good worker and his current gimmick is decent it just needs a bit of tweaking, but not everyone can make it and I don’t see him being one that actually does.

That about wraps up this first edition of my Q&A blog, thanks to everyone who asked me questions! I’m looking forward to doing another one of these in the future. Make sure and go check out my other blogs in my blog section on the site! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. I’d love to hear feedback or responses below in the comments. Make sure and follow me on my social media!

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