Welcome to The Wrestling Classic

Welcome to The Wrestling Classic

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Welcome to The Wrestling Classic

Finally. Its been a long time coming, but I would like to welcome all of you to thewrestlingclassic.com. Dig it?!
If you follow The Wrestling Classic on Instagram, you have been anticipating this website launch for quite some time now. I appreciate your patience. Also, If you are one of the TWC Misfits that do follow The Wrestling Classic on Instagram you also know quite a bit about me and what to expect on this site from my posts and captions on that page. However if you do not follow me on social media or never come across my Instagram page, let me fill you in on exactly what The Wrestling Classic is. Also, what our beliefs are, how we got to this point to create a website and what to expect from this website.

What is The Wrestling Classic?

The Wrestling Classic was created in February 22, 2014 as a page on Instagram where I could share my passion and love for professional wrestling. Inspired by wrestling pages I followed on my personal account, I thought I could start my own wrestling page utilizing my background in marketing and experience in social media management to express my passion for the business and cater directly to fans of wrestling.
The first step was thinking of a name for this wrestling page I wanted to create. It had to be something that wouldn’t limit me to a specific company, wrestler, or anything like that. I know some people might expect some interesting story about how I chose my page name. However, I chose to settle with “The Wrestling Classic” because I was watching the first ever WWE PPV event of the same name on the brand new, then recently released WWE Network. I found the name catchy, iconic, simple and suitable for whichever way I wanted to take the page.
Initially, not knowing how to separate my page from the thousands of other wrestling pages, I would just post popular and rare pictures with no captions from all different era’s of wrestling instead of just focusing on the current product or independent wrestling. I wanted to make The Wrestling Classic a hot spot for all wrestling past, present and future. It quickly began to get popular and the more popular the page got, the more I adapted with its growth. I started to make different goals and officially decided on what I wanted to achieve with the page. I saw nothing but potential.
The page started becoming more than just another wrestling page on Instagram to me, once I started I started working towards the goals I had for The Wrestling Classic as a brand. Now you ask, what were my goals specifically? How did I come up with them? Well, I’ll quickly elaborate on that. I thought about the life of a professional wrestling fan. Whether you are a hardcore fan, the casual fan, the longtime fan, the young fan, the ones who stopped watching for whatever reason, the ones who only watch on specific occasions or the ones who will love it until they die, we all have had a common experience.
To me professional Wrestling is my escape. Its my sanctuary, my peace of mind.
A day doesn’t go by where the greatest form of art and athleticism doesn’t cross my mind. It’s been amazing a lot of the times but also hard to watch at times too. Similar to life itself it can’t and won’t always be perfect or go your way. It doesn’t bother me though.
Its the memories that it has left me with that has already made it apart of who I am. I grew up with wrestling ever since I was a child thanks to my older brother. Watching my heroes and these stories on my screen became a regular thing for me. I was fascinated by the over the top, larger than life characters and the everlasting battle between good and evil.
If there is one thing that has not changed in my life from the age of 4 to now, its my passion for professional wrestling. Everything I’ve been through during my life, wrestling kept me sane and has been a constant. It’s a magical form of entertainment, more magical than any other sport, televised program or feature film.
Think about it, it’s the only sport or entertainment form that when you hear a sound of a gong, a frikin gong….nothing else matters and you forget about reality. It’s the only sport or form of entertainment that when you’re watching it, your imagination takes full control and anything is possible. You forget all the rules of reality and you’re lost in this world of wrestling. A world of pure imagination. It’s the only scripted or manufactured form of art that the millions whom admire wrestling, can be just as passionate and loyal as fans of competitive sports or iconic in pop culture TV shows. It connects us with specific periods or stages of our lives. It’s the story that never ends. It’s the greatest illusion of a mythical world within a normal universe. It’s like being in Never Never Land.
Although, unlike all other sports or forms of entertainment, wrestling and us fans don’t get the same treatment in society. Its hard to admit, but we don’t get the same respect as NFL, NHL or NBA fans for example. Nobody questions people why they still watch the the playoffs or a show based on a comic book. They don’t have people reminding them that the form of entertainment that they’re passionate about is considered “fake”. Those people are never ashamed of repping their favourite teams jersey or their favourite superhero’s t shirt.
Wrestling fans are unique, we’re outcasts. We’re the Misfits of sports or entertainment fans. Living in our own world of pure imagination. Most wrestling fans are undercover, you wouldn’t even be able to tell if someone in your class or at your workplace on a Monday was itching to go home to watch Raw and others just don’t fit in by standing out wearing their wrestling merchandise. We’re considered weirdos for watching a fake fighting show were half naked men with whacky gimmicks roll around the ring, fake fighting with soap opera like storylines. It’s not cool to be a mega fan of wrestling like it once was but we have a passion for it.
Regardless, we love it. It’s the never ending melodrama story that brings out our emotions and keeps our imaginations alive. It’s our special place to take us away from reality and the struggles of life. Its the constant in our lives. Its that throwback to our childhood or better times. We get happy when we meet another wrestling fan, or hear another person talking about wrestling but it’s rare that we come across that in todays society. Until now, here on The Wrestling Classic.
The main objective of The Wrestling Classic was to create a place where all the outcasted wrestling fans from all era’s, of all ages, level of fandom and generations could come together in one specific place and call it home. A home they could come to, a specific page and openly talk, reminisce, debate, share opinions, teach each other, learn from one another and share memories of the greatest form of art and athleticism, professional wrestling. The Wrestling Classic was going to be a safe haven for wrestling fans worldwide. I achieved that goal a long long time ago, thanks to all of you appreciating the effort I put in to bring us together.

The Future of The Wrestling Classic

Now we’re in 2016. The Wrestling Classic has grown a lot over the years. Ive already accomplished all the goals I had for the Instagram page which I built as a brand, that I initially had for it. The popularity and growth of Misfit wrestling fans coming together from all around the world has only gone in one direction, which is up. The brand has been noticed by male and female wrestlers from all around the world and many organizations and their employees including the WWE. The Wrestling Classic has had celebrities, athletes and other notable pop culture figures come across or follow the page. The Wrestling Classic has been regular guest on podcasts, interviewed for online magazines, opened doors to many opportunities by networking and even had its content featured on the WWE Network. Now focusing on the future and making the most out of all these achievements, its time to expand the brand to a larger scale than just social media. This is where thewrestlingclassic.com comes into the equation.

What to expect?

I’m going to start off being stating what not to expect. This is not your typical dirtsheet website. It’s not Wrestlezone, Wrestle-News, WrestleInc, NoDQ, Bleacher Report, WhatCulture, PWTorch or Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer. I enjoy all those sites and their content as well, but this sites purpose is different than their purpose. There may be similar content such as podcasts, reviews and countdowns but I don’t want anyone expecting to come on thewrestlingclassic.com to get the hottest new rumours, news or gossip. This is the home of the wrestling fan, not the home of news reporters. There are enough of websites that provide you with that kind of content in that fashion.
The content on this site will consist of mainly of opinion and idea blogs, personal reviews of shows from the past and present, random thoughts about wrestling (maybe even about life), interviews, podcasts and whatever other creative ideas we might come up with in the future. Its within that content that we may touch base on recent rumours, news or gossip. Therefore, its not a hot spot to get that information right away but you will most likely hear about it. This website is my Instagram page at a larger scale. I want wrestling fans from all around the world connect. I also want to get other wrestling fans and myself a platform to share our opinions and get feedback without our opinions being lost in our IG feeds or forgotten about because it was captioned in a post from last week. Overtime, there will be a team of bloggers on this website, therefore you can come enjoy the posts put up by your favourite ones.
Other things you can expect on this website are such things as a merchandise section which will feature Wrestling Classic merchandise and in the future other creative branded merchandise from other bloggers. Therefore making it easier for everyone to support their favourites or continue to show their support for the home of the wrestling fan, The Wrestling Classic. Another thing to expect is an inside look and more exposure to local and independent wrestling. To keep the business healthy, you must support everything under the wrestling/sports entertainment umbrella. Therefore, I’d love to showcase and introduce smaller organizations to wrestling fans that might have never got the chance to witness them because their never had the platform to attract fans globally.
Overall, the goal is to continue to use the little success we’ve already gained to grow The Wrestling Classic brand and open more doors of opportunities not just for myself but for others as well. Spread the love and bring more of a positive vibe to the online wrestling community. The main expectation you should have for this website is that it will have the same emotion, intention, tone and hold the same integrity as The Wrestling Classic Instagram page. Thus, being a place where we can voice our opinions, debate, reminisce, teach each other and learn from one another by showcasing our passion for the greatest form of art and athleticism, professional wrestling. This is the home for the professional wrestling fan. Dig it?


  • Elmar @mr_gudiel

    Congrats on your page. I’ve been fallowing you for a while on Instagram. Thanks for all the great memes and videos. You always keep me updated and have a great way of adding your personal opinion. Just watch it with the spoilers on Monday and Thursday. I’m in the west coast and have to avoid social media on those days as raw and smack down start late. Lol… I’ll be at Wrestle Mania this weekend. Hopefully you are available as me and my fiancé would like to meet you. Wishing you much more success. Stay true to you and your fallowers brother.

  • Ozzy @TheHeelKid

    I remember following you in 2014, marked out like crazy. I was like “holy crap he didn’t just follow me!”
    Wow, your page has grown so big. Everything you have done in the IGWC is simply awesome. You are one of the best accounts that I am still following.
    You truly deserve this! You were just an account now look at where you are. Honestly, I’m proud of you, fam. Your future is looking bright.

  • Matorr1207

    Love the site, it is exactly what I expected out of you! You put your heart and soul into your IG page so the website is no different. If you ever get to interview a wrestler or former wrestler for the site, just for sentimental reasons I hope you get Lanny Poffo one day. Just to hear or read the two of you discuss he legendary Macho Man would be epic! Best of luck on the site!

  • Man your web site clean, sharp and crisp! love it man! Congrats! Looking foward to whats next from you!

  • Zarrin Mahdiyat Ali

    Congratulations! I have really been looking forward to this website. It’s great to read your blogs and reviews. I’ve been a huge fan of your Instagram account which has inspired me to make my own. All the best wishes from Bangladesh.

  • Karina

    Congrats on your website! All the love from Latvia! Really happy for you! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    You need some to TNA. I can get all this from wwe.com.

    • TheWrestlingClassic

      You can also get all the TNA news from ImpactWrestling.com genius.

      • Eric Gutierrez

        That was hilarious

  • prowrestlinglunatic

    Congrats on the site! Looking forward to more greatness going forth.

  • Robbie Nado

    Your future is bright, Justin.

  • dartvader_1

    Congratulations on the website, J! It’s fn’ awesome to see how TWC has grown into this big phenomenon over the course of the past 2 years. As you know, we go way back, so I can safely say: you deserved it.
    Keep contributing to the greatest sport ever and to all the misfits. This ride has just begun! ?Cyber cheers from one wrestling fan to another! Ooh yeah! YeaOh!

  • Anonymous

    Damn man I love it your vibe is just great your so positive and not a lot of people are in the iwc! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Erik

    I am so glad to see your site is finally up and running. Congratulations! I started following your page in late 2014. It is my favorite page on IG. I love all of the classic videos that you post, and I defintely love the Diva pics. Not only is your page cool but you are as well. I am so happy to have you as a friend, and I am looking forward to meeting you in Dallas forWrestleMaina 32.

  • I’ll say it your instagram is the best one I’ve ever seen for pro wrestling content. I think we could probably work something out where if you wanted you could come work with me in some capacity. I don’t want to talk business on a comment but I have to say congratulations. I have a lot of scoops about wrestlemania and I would like to give you the heads up so you can post accordingly. Let’s just say there’s HUGE plans for Bray Wyatt.

  • Adis

    I like the sound of it my friend been following your instagram for a while now and love it!

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