Top Ten WWE PPV Matches of 2004

Top Ten WWE PPV Matches of 2004

#10 – Edge vs Randy Orton – Vengeance

A match between two men who would go on to be two of the top men in the company for years to come a bit later. Orton and Edge go back and forth in a very long and exciting match. The crowd isn’t too hot on Edge at first but as the match goes on, he gains the fans backing. After what feels like hundreds of near falls, Edge gets the victory after tossing Randy Orton into the exposed turnbuckle and hitting a spear to end Orton’s 8 month long IC title reign.

#9 – Shelton Benjamin vs Christian – Survivor Series

Another match for the Intercontinental Championship. Benjamin and Christian were two of the best wrestlers on the roster at the time of this match and they completely show it here. Tyson Tomko tries to distract the ref long enough for Christian to use the title belt, but Benjamin fights him off and hits a diving clothesline. As the ref is putting the title away, Tomko sneaks in and big boots Benjamin. Benjamin manages to enziguri Tomko off the apron and hit the T-Bone to Christian for the win.

#8 – Billy Kidman vs Paul London – No Mercy

Former partners square off here in a feud started by the real life concussion that Billy Kidman accidentally gave Chavo Guerrero. After injuring Chavo with the Shooting Star Press, Billy Kidman lost all his confidence and couldn’t get the strength to do his finisher despite the crowd and London begging him to. This caused his tag team with Paul London to self destruct. Kidman turned heel which led to this match. Kidman goes to hit the SSP against London but gets down and tries to walk out. The fight continues and Kidman ends up injuring London’s ribs. He climbs to the top and hits the SSP, aiming for London’s ribs, and gets the win. After the match Kidman gets on the mic and asks the crowd if they’re happy and that it’s their fault. As the EMTs are tending to London, Kidman climbs up and hits another SSP to him.

#7 – Chris Jericho vs Christian – Wrestlemania

This was one of the better love triangle storylines WWE had ever done. Chris Jericho was really into Trish Stratus and Trish seemed to kind of like him too. Christian was sick of seeing his best friend act like a loser didn’t like Trish either. Christian ultimately turned on Y2J and even made Trish tap out to the Walls of Jericho. Jericho and Christian have a fantastic battle at Wrestlemania, with Trish Stratus coming down to ringside at one point. Christian attacks her and Jericho goes to check on her, but she thinks it’s Christian and she elbows him. Christian gets the win via rollup. Trish starts to apologize to Jericho after the match but instead she slaps him and Christian hits the Unprettier. Trish and Christian make-out on the ramp as Jericho looks on.

#6 – Chris Benoit & William Regal vs Batista & Ric Flair – Unforgiven 2004

This was a real old school style tag team match. I believe it was originally supposed to Eugene & Regal but Triple H and Evolution took him out. Regal is the face in peril for much of this one, being overpowered and trying to tag in Benoit. Once Benoit tags in, he begins cleaning house. Benoit unleashses German suplexes to both Batista and Flair. Batista breaks up a Crossface on Flair and spinebusters Regal in the ring. Regal sends Batista over the barricade into the crowd. Benoit counters a Figure Four attempt into the Crossface and Flair taps to end a fantastic match!

#5 – Randy Orton vs Ric Flair – Taboo Tuesday

This was match held in a steel cage. Randy Orton had been kicked out of Evolution and began calling out Ric Flair, saying he wasn’t a legend but rather Triple H’s lapdog. Flair started to get testy with Triple H and Batista and it looked like Orton was getting into his head until Flair beat him down with a chair. Orton and Flair settled their differences in the cage and beat the hell out of each other, both men bleeding pretty early on. Orton manages to hit the RKO and defeat Flair. After the match, Flair struggles to his feet and the two embrace.

#4 – JBL vs Eddie Guerrero – Judgment Day

This is about as violent as they get. JBL and Eddie Guerrero beat the hell out of each other over the mutual goal of holding the WWE Championship. The match ends in DQ and Eddie Guerrero takes one of the nastiest chair shots of all time, leading to probably the most brutal blade job in WWE history. Guerrero and JBL continue to go to war after the bell, spilling blood all over the ring. Despite the DQ finish, this match is incredible.

#3 – Shawn Michaels vs Triple H vs Chris Benoit – Wrestlemania

Chris Benoit won the Royal Rumble match from the #1 spot to gain entry into the main event of Wrestlemania. He would face off alongside the biggest rivals in WWE, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Benoit was sort of brushed aside at times during the feud as the two bickered among each other. But the second that bell rang, Benoit made it clear that he was their equals. As the dust settled, Shawn Michaels was out of the equation and Chris Benoit locked in the Crossface on The Game. Triple H had no choice but to tap out, giving Chris Benoit his first and only World Championship in WWE.

#2 – Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack – Backlash

This was the real coming out party for Randy Orton. He was already known as fairly legitimate at this point, but this solidified it. Orton and Foley put each other through an insane amount of punishment, from being thrown off the stage to chair shots, to be barbed wire shots. And ultimately, Randy Orton getting thrown onto a pile of thumbtacks, back first. Orton managed to kill yet another legend, defeating Foley via RKO in a match that gained him a lot of respect from his biggest critics.

#1 – Brock Lesnar vs Eddie Guerrero – No Way Out

Not only would I consider this the best match of 2004, but one of the best matches of all time. Brock Lesnar seemed like he would just be too much for Eddie Guerrero but Eddie refused to give up and kept fighting throughout the match. Goldberg managed to get involved at one point, but it still wasn’t enough to put Lesnar down. After a Frog Splash to Lesnar with the title belt, Eddie Guerrero defeated Brock and achieved his dream of winning the WWE title in an incredible match!