Raw Review 09/07/2020

Raw Review 09/07/2020

RAW REVIEW 09/07/2020

Tonight, what will be next in the feud between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre as they gear up for a WWE Championship Rematch at Clash Of Champions? Speaking of Randy Orton can he avenge his loss at PayBack and get a win over Keith Lee? Plus, can Dominik pick up a huge win against Murphy as they go one on one? Then, we will see Kevin Owens finally get his hands on Aleister Black as the do battle after Black has attacked Owens two weeks in a row! Finally, what is next for The Hurt Business as they continue their path to take over Raw?

Raw comes to us from the Amway Center inside the WWE Thunderdome!

Raw kicks off with us being introduced by Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe.

In-Ring Segment: Randy Orton
Orton tells how after last week he is getting his rematch for the WWE Championship, the match that he deserved. He then tells his opponent tonight Keith Lee, that the more they cross paths the more likely he will get kicked in the head. Orton then tells Drew McIntyre that it will be Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton at Clash Of Champions for the WWE Title if Drew recovers in time. Orton then says if someone asks him why Drew won’t make it in time it is because he kicked him in the head and broke his jaw. We then see the three Punt Kicks that Randy Orton delivered to McIntyre last week.
Orton then asks what do you do when your World Champion is unable to defend his title at the one PPV a year where every title must be defended. Orton says he has a simple solution and that is handing him the title. He then says he is a patient man but he is cut off by an ambulance driving in. McIntyre gets out of the ambulance, makes a b-line to the ring, and hits Orton with a Claymore Kick. WWE Officials then make their way to the ring to check on Orton and back off McIntyre. McIntyre stares down Orton from the ramp as he leaves the ringside area.
My Opinion:
After last week I thought McIntyre would be out at least for a week or two but here he is tonight. This shows that he is not going down like that and I love the fight that McIntyre has in him. I’m not sure what it will take for Orton to put away McIntyre after three Punt Kicks he is back and good to go. Those kicks have written people off for much longer in the past. McIntyre gets his best shot in on Orton and I feel like now these two are going to keep the attacks coming until we finally get to see their rematch. I really love this though because the more animosity they have before Clash Of Champions the better.

Backstage Segment: The Hurt Business (MVP & Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin)
MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin are asked how they are doing by a janitor. MVP asks him repeatedly what he said about Shelton’s momma. The janitor denies it. Lashley then holds him up against the wall as MVP keeps questioning him. The janitor keeps denying it and is hit with a knee to the gut. The Hurt Business then walk away and carry on with their conversation.

Backstage Segment: Drew McIntyre & Adam Pearce
Adam Pearce asks Drew what he is doing here since he isn’t even medically cleared. McIntyre says he knows why Randy did what he did and he wanted to prove he is going to make it to Clash Of Champions. Pearce tells him that with a group like Retribution walking around he can’t have more instances like this. McIntyre says it is all good, he made his point and he will leave now. Pearce then tells the security guards to get to their post because they can’t have more surprises like this.

Match 1: The Hurt Business (MVP & Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin) vs Apollo Crews & Ricochet & Cedric Alexander
*** Before the match begins, the Hurt Business attack Cedric Alexander on the stage. APollo and Ricochet then go and check on them. Cedric says he is okay and the match begins.
Crews goes right after Lashley. Crews gets on the offensive early but Benjamin stops him with a big kick as Crews and Lashley get in the ring. Lashley takes it to Crews and works him in the corner. Benjamin comes in and takes some shots of his own. MVP now tries to put him away but Ricochet breaks up the cover. MVP now works on the hand and wrist of Crews. MVP now hits a German Suplex and then tags in Lashley. Lashley now tries to put away Crews but it is not enough.
Lashley now works a chin lock. Lashley keeps him down before tagging in Benjamin. Benjamin hits him in the gut and stays on him. Crews fights back with an enziguri after Benjamin tries to taunt Ricochet and Alexander. Crews looks for the tag but Alexander pulls Ricochet off the apron and attacks him. He then hits Crews with the Lumbar Check. MVP and the rest of the Hurt Business love this from Cedric. Benjamin then hits PayDirt. He covers and gets the 1 2 3.
Winners: The Hurt Business (MVP & Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin)
My Opinion:
The big story coming out of this match is the turn of Cedric Alexander. This seems like the best move for Cedric as it really could enhance his career. He is now around guys who have been around a long time and can get him the notoriety he needs and deserves. I hope that coming out of this alliance Cedric will become the star he can be. The Hurt Business keeps growing and I would love to see them continue to do so. They really could run the whole WWE and it would be cool to see this group transfer over the other brands as that’s something we don’t normally see.

Match 2: The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) vs Angel Garza & Andrade w/ Zelina Vega
Garza throws his pants at Ford and goes right after him with a side headlock. Garza keeps the move locked in as Ford tries to get out. Ford finally fights out and hits a big clothesline. Garza now tags in Andrade as Ford tags in Dawkins. Dawkins hits a big dropkick. He then hits a suplex on Andrade. Andrade fights back and gets Dawkins down in the corner. Vega and Andrade argue with Garza now. Dawkins takes down Andrade in the ring. Ford now hits the splash. He covers and gets the 1 2 3 as Garza leaves ringside.
***After the match, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura come out as Raw goes to break.
Winners: The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford)
My Opinion:
An easy victory for The Street Profits and this was good because we have seen this tag match a lot lately so it didn’t need to go very long. The point here is that there is still tension between Garza and Andrade. I think these two obviously could have great matches against each other but I do think they are better together. Neither one has really been able to have the chance to shine the way they should and I just think apart they will continue to be misused. At least as a group, they get more opportunities. If there is a plan for them to actually get good singles runs I’m for it but if not they should just stay together and actually win some matches.

In-Ring Segment: The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) & (Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura)
Cesaro says the Street Profits are the longest-reigning Raw Tag Team Champions in years but no one knows because the Street Profits are known for, Shinsuke ad Cesaro then says basketball and playing with ninja’s, silliness basically. Cesaro then challenges them to champions vs champions match next week. Dawkins says he and Tez are family. Ford jokes and tells Cesaro he has so many partners he may want to get checked for STDs. Ford then accepts the challenge and says the Street Profits are up and we want the smoke.
My Opinion:
This match should be a good one and it was definitely unexpected. I think both these teams are the best on their shows right now and it’s not just because they have the titles. They have been the teams who are carrying the load and trying to keep tag team wrestling exciting. I really want to see the tag teams do more and get more respect so hopefully, this is the step in the right direction I know they may never the main event but next week could be a chance for the top two teams to show exactly why the tag team divisions need more respect and need to be featured in a better way.

Backstage Segment: R-Truth & Akira Tozawa
Truth sits with his 24/7 Championship at a restaurant. He talks to Little Jimmy before a dessert cart rolls up. A Ninja then pops up from the dessert cart. Tozawa and another Ninja now show up. R-Truth then tosses the title to Little Jimmy. Truth grabs the title and runs but he is chased closely behind.

Match 3: Peyton Royce vs Billie Kay
Kay lands a big takedown and is able to stay on Royce. Royce fights away and they have a staredown before arguing about last week. The two again trade shots. Kay lands a snap mare but here comes Royce fighting back. Royce now hits a big spinning kick to the face. She covers but Kay kicks out. Royce now works a chin lock. Kay fights back and drives Royce into the corner. She brings her into another corner and bounces her off the turnbuckle. Kay tries a cover but Royce kicks out. Kay again works a roll-up but Royce won’t stay down. Royce now hits a kick and follows with a neck breaker. She covers Kay and gets the 1 2 3. After the match, the two share a hug.
Winner: Peyton Royce
My Opinion:
This match showed the strength of these two as a team, Billie is match better in the middle part of the match where Peyton kicks things off well and then ends them with a bang. They have a lot of work to do as they continue on their singles path and that’s just from a comfortability standpoint. I think both can rise and become a big part of the Women’s Division in WWE. I’m excited to see them get more opportunities and really shine because that’s what is needed after they were broken up as a team. If they don’t get these opportunities then the break up as a team just looks dumb and for no reason. Already that match seemed out of place as it should have been more meaningful than just on a random Raw. nonetheless, I wish them both the best and I would love to see them rise to the top!

Backstage Segment: The Mysterio Family (Rey, Dominik, Aalyah, Angie)
The Mysterio family walk together as they prepare for a family interview, next!

In-Ring Segment: The Mysterio Family (Rey, Dominik, Aalyah, Angie)
Charly asks Rey for an update on his torn tricep. Rey thanks Charly for having them. He says he wants nothing more than to get closure on his situation. He says that he does not have a timetable on this but he can’t wait to get back in the ring and put an end to Seth Rollins. Charly then asks Rey if he has given Dominik advice on facing Murphy. Rey says they know what Murphy is all about but Dominik knows exactly what he needs to beat him. Dominik is then asked about competing in WWE. Dominik begins to tell but Murphy comes on the screen.
Murphy tells Dominik it is his fault that Seth Rollins turned his back on him. Rey tells Murphy it’s his fault and says you reap what you sow. Murphy then says he wants to up the anty tonight and challenges Dominik to a Street Fight. Dominik tells Murphy he has terrorized his family just as much as Seth. He then says he accepts the Street Fight tonight. Murphy tells him to bring his family to ringside because it will be the last match they see you do. Dominik tells him if he lays his hands on his family it will be the last breath he takes in and out.
My Opinion:
I’m loving seeing Dominik get these opportunities to step up and continue to learn and showcase what he can do. Murphy and Rollins will continue to be good rivals for Dominik as he can learn a ton from them and really have decent matches as he gets started. I do hope though that Rey will come back sooner than later and finally get the revenge he is looking for. I really want to see a big ending to this feud but I still feel like we are only in the middle of it and not close to the end.

Backstage Segment: Adam Pearce & Drew McIntyre
Adam Pearce talks with Shayna and Nia about their handicap matches tonight. Drew McIntyre then walks on by. Pearce asks him what he is doing. McIntyre says he is okay and tells him to relax as he walks away on his phone.

Match 4: Asuka & Mickie James vs Lana & Natalya
Natalya and Mickie lock up to start the match. Neither gets much of an advantage, Mickie is able to knock her down. She tries to put her away quickly but Natalya kicks out. Asuka now comes in and she and Mickie try to work a double team. Natalya fights them off finally and tags Lana Asuka takes it to Lana now. Mickie gets the tag but she is taken down by a dropkick from Natalya who tagged herself in. She covers but Mickie kicks out. Lana comes in now and keeps the attack on Mickie going. Natalya tags in and beats on Mickie in the corner. Lana now comes in to assist on the double team. Natalya stays on Mickie now and hits a big suplex.
Natalya now tees off on Mickie with big right hands. Mickie fights back and works a roll-up but Natalya kicks out. Antalya takes back control and taunts Asuka. Lana tags in now and hits Mickie with double knees to the neck. Lana plants Mickie now and covers her but Asuka breaks up the cover. Lana now sends Natalya to the floor. Mickie now hits Lana with the neck breaker. Mickie now goes up top but Asuka finally comes back to the apron and tags herself in. Asuka gets in the Asuka Lock as Mickie hits Natalya with the Mick Kick on the outside. Lana then taps out.
Winners: Asuka & Mickie James
My Opinion:
This was an okay match between these teams but it really wasn’t anything crazy. I think this didn’t make Mickie look too good and really overemphasized that Asuka is who is considered better. These two should have a great match next week but this week just wasn’t the best. I know next week will be Mickie’s chance to prove she is better but it seems she has an uphill battle. As for Natalya and Lana, it’s a shame that they have now been made to just seem silly instead of serious. I thought the heel turn would be what took Natalya to the top but instead, it’s again holding her back just now it’s with a bad attitude. I really hope things turn around for these two and maybe they could get in tag title contention at some point.

Backstage Segment: The Hurt Business (MVP & Shelton Benjamin & Bobby Lashley & Cedric Alexander)
MVP asks Cedric if he is ready to join them. Cedric says hell yeah. MVP loves this and he and Lashley walk away. Shelton stays and tells him it seems he has come to his senses. He then asks him if this is a setup. Shelton tells him if he is lying about this he will find out and hurt him.

In-Ring Segment: VIP Lounge Hosted By MVP w/ The Hurt Business
MVP welcomes everyone then says he is excited to bring a special edition of the VIP Lounge as this young man has decided to join the Hurt Business. He then welcomes the newest member Cedric Alexander. Bobby Lashley then gives him a Hurt Business T-Shirt. MVP then asks Cedric what made the change. Shelton says he really wants to know. Cedric says instead of being on the end of a beat down every week he would rather learn and earn. Cedric says he was going broke being with Ricochet and Apollo. He says Ricochet is the one and only but what about him. He then says with Apollo he was sacrificing his own opportunities. Here comes the Viking Raiders, Apollo Crews, and Ricochet. They then hit the ring and attack the Hurt Business. These four clear the ring and stand tall as Raw goes to break.
My Opinion:
It’s easy to see how Cedric’s decision would be well received by Apollo, Ricochet, or the Viking Raiders. I think when you try to protect someone for so long and then they just turn their back like that it’s not an easy thing to accept. However, Cedric as he said is ready to learn and get paid. The three guys he is with right now are guys who can help him with both. This obviously could change in a second but as for this segment, the Hurt Business looks great as it is.

Match 5: The Hurt Business (MVP & Shelton Benjamin & Bobby Lashley & Cedric Alexander) vs The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) & Ricochet & Apollo Crews
The match begins and Benjamin tries to take advantage of Ricochet early but Ricochet is able to fight away and then taunt Alexander. Benjamin gets back on the offensive but it isn’t for long as Ricochet fights away. Crews gets the tag and after a big kick Crews works a moonsault but it isn’t enough to put Benjamin away. Benjamin now fights back and drops Crews to the mat. MVP now tags in. He tries to mount some offense but Crews takes control of his head and brings him to the corner. Ivar now tags in and pounds on MVP.
He then tags in Erik who hits a huge knee strike. Erik continues with the strikes before backing him in the corner. Ivar tags in now. Erik hits a snap mare. Ivar then hits a big splash off of this. He covers but MVP kicks out. Crews now tags in and hammers away on MVP with big right hands. MVP fights back and plants Crews. MVP now heaves Crews into the corner. Lashley now tags in and drives his elbow into the neck of Crews. Crews tries to fight back but here comes Lashley with a knee strike. Lashley lifts Crews but Crews fights off and tags Erik. Erik now takes it to Lashley. Benjamin tags in but Erik takes control.
Lashley now hits a big spear on Erik. Benjamin now takes over and hits a series of power slams. Benjamin covers but Erik kicks out. Benjamin now works the neck of Erik. Erik gets to his feet but he is thrown into the corner. Lashley now tags in and runs from one side of the ring to the other to crush Erik in the corner. MVP is now in and he hits Erik with a huge running kick in the corner. He covers but Erik kicks out. Alexander now tags in and stomps away on Erik in the corner. Alexander then goes to the mat and continues to wear him down. Benjamin tags back in and tries to stay on the offensive but Erik fights back with a big knee.
Ricochet and MVP now get the tags. He comes in and takes it to MVP. Ricochet is able to take down MVP, he tries to put him away but Alexander breaks it up. Ricochet now stares him down and this allows MVP to take advantage. Alexander gets the tag after MVP takes over. Alexander is able to hit the Neuralizer. He covers but Ricochet kicks out. Ricochet fights back into this one. He and Alexander now trade big right hands. Ricochet hits a big elbow. He hits a full nelson slam. The match then breaks down as everyone gets involved. Ivar is able to stop Lashley sending him into the corner. Ivar then takes out everyone on the floor as he flies out of the ring. Ricochet tries to put Alexander in the ring. Alexander catches him and hits the Michinoku Driver. He covers and gets the 1 2 3.
Winner: The Hurt Business (MVP & Shelton Benjamin & Bobby Lashley & Cedric Alexander)
My Opinion:
This was a great match between these teams and although it wasn’t a crazy all over the place kind of match it told a great story. The two sides here have a lot of dislike for each other and it shows when they are in the ring. I love though that the Hurt Business is constantly going over. It continues to show how dominant they are and why they are a force to be reckoned with. I can’t wait to see what they do next and what will happen now that they have Cedric with them. It would always be great to see Cedric get more aggressive in the ring and get more of a ground and pound kind of style for now.

Backstage Segment: Drew McIntyre
Charly tells McIntyre she thought she heard him say he was going to be leaving. McIntyre says he was but he grabbed the wrong phone and then the wrong bag and can’t find an exit. He then says don’t worry he will be leaving soon.

Backstage Segment: Shane McMahon & Kevin Owens
Shane talks with the security guard about what is going on tonight in the Underground. Shane welcomes Owens and tells him he is looking forward to his match against Aleister. Owens tells Shane he wishes he could say it was nice to see him but he is still a jackass. Shane shakes that off and tells Owens to go in. Shane then says he has to go get ready and heads into the Underground.

Match 6: Randy Orton vs Keith Lee
Orton heads to the floor as the match begins. Orton complains to the official but he is told they need to have this match. Orton comes back into the ring and looks to lock up with Lee but instead, he rolls back to the outside. Lee now grabs Orton and brings him up on the apron. Orton now hangs him up on the ropes. Orton gets in the ring and gets slapped by Lee. Orton takes a cheap shot with the thumb to the eye. Orton now works him in the corner and hits some big uppercuts. Orton looks for the RKO but Lee holds himself up and counters.
Lee now catches him with an elbow and Orton goes for a breather on the floor. Orton now gets Lee to come to the floor. He is able to avoid Lee as Lee crashes into the barricade. Orton takes it to Lee and tries to put him away but Lee kicks out. Orton now goes to a chin lock. Orton now wraps his legs around the midsection of Lee as he tries to keep the chin lock in. Lee tries to fight out but Orton now rakes the eyes of Lee. Lee stays with it and powers to his feet. Orton fights off as Lee goes into the corner. Lee now avoids another RKO.
Lee fights back now and is able to hit a power slam. He covers Orton but he kicks out. Lee lifts Orton up high but Orton fights off. Orton now hits the RKO on Lee. McIntyre comes from out of nowhere and hits Orton with the Claymore Kick again! McIntyre then tells Orton I want you to see me in your nightmares, you son of a bitch. As McIntyre goes up the ramp Adama Pearce comes out and yells at McIntyre for putting himself in harm’s way again.
Winner: Randy Orton: Via DQ
My Opinion:
McIntyre strikes again and as I said I love this because it keeps being an eye for an eye between these two. I’m not sure what condition these two will walk into Clash Of Champions the way they beat each other up but the one thing you know is that it will be a fight anytime they lock up. As for the match, it wasn’t anything too crazy. For Keith Lee, he sure was impressive with some of the moves he showed and Orton did well in wearing down Lee. I wouldn’t mind seeing another one between them but they definitely need more time as they both like to work slower and tell a story instead of fast-paced action right away.

Raw Underground: Kevin Owens & Aleister Black
Aleister Black gets wrapped up and beats his first opponent easily. Kevin Owens now comes in and takes down Black. He beats on him but Black is able to fight back. They go to the outside and take each other to the ground as Raw goes to break.
My Opinion:
There wasn’t much to say about this, these two were set to have a fight and it went for thirty seconds. We waited all night for this and it was a letdown. I’m sure they will fight over and over but the point is they advertise this big fight and we didn’t even see much of a fight at all, they might as well not have had it for the time it was on. It was just a really disappointing way to start Raw Underground tonight.

Backstage Segment: Randy Orton & Adam Pearce
Adam Pearce apologizes to Drew McIntyre for what he did to him. Orton questions him and tells him he couldn’t do his job. Pearce says he walked him out personally. Orton tells him that his word means nothing to him.

Match 7: Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott vs Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax:
2 On 1 Handicap Match
The match begins and Baszler gets the early advantage taking Riott to the mat. Riott tries to fight back but Baszler won’t let her mount much offense. Baszler now works the hand and wrist of Riott before taking her to the mat. She now goes back to the hand of Riott. Morgan tags in but Baszler knocks her down before she can come in. Morgan now takes down Baszler as she comes to the apron. Back in the ring, Morgan hits Baszler with kicks. Baszler takes back over and drops Morgan on her face. Baszler no steps on the hand of Morgan as she banters with Nia. Morgan now works a roll-up off the distraction of Nia and gets the 1 2 3 on the cover.
Winners: Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott

Raw Underground: Aleister Black vs Kevin Owens
We go back to the Underground and Owens takes down Black. Black again tries to fight back with strikes but Owens is able to land a takedown. Owens now Grabs Black and throws him off the wall. Owens and Black now fight guys at the ringside area instead of each other. Shane now tries to get control of the chaos.
My Opinion:
This still wasn’t what I wanted to see between these two. I really thought that they would have a hard-hitting match but it hasn’t gone well at all. The problem with Underground is that it developed so quickly it feels like a forced fight instead of one with integrity. I get that they’re supposed to go right after each other but all they do in here is really just roll around and I’d like to see more than that. With a fight like Aleister vs Kevin they should have had them go for a full segment and really put over these two and the Underground instead of these cuts to the back.

Match 8: Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott vs Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler:
2 On 1 Handicap Match
Jax takes over quick;y with a headbutt. She then throws Ruby. Jax is now the one who gets distracted and Morgan gets the tag. Morgan now takes over and gets Jax into the corner. Ruby now comes in and takes it to Jax. The two then trade tags as they try to wear down Jax. Riott tries a cover but Jax kicks out. Jax now hits a huge clothesline and goes for the cover but Riott kicks out. Riott tries to create an opening with a jawbreaker but this doesn’t shake Jax much. Jax then hits another clothesline.
Riott tries to fight back. She put on the shoulders of Jax but she is able to still make the tag. Morgan and Riott now double team Jax. Morgan now goes for the cover but the lights go out. We then see the Retribution logo. A voice comes on and says the Thunderdome is a facade and behind it is the same WWE that was here before. They say that WWE left them out on their own. We hear another voice who says the locus will feed on everyone. The voice says they will soak into the pores of every superstar and the WWE Universe as they take over because they are Retribution.
Winners: No Contest
My Opinion:
Nia and Shayna need to get back on the same page. It was very obvious that if not distracted they could handle Liv and Ruby pretty easily. However, they need to work together instead of apart. What we saw really show that the Riott Squad could win these titles if they can get Shayna and Nia to argue or distract each other. We will see what happens in a few weeks but it will be the two that work as a team who will walk away as the champions at Clash Of Champions! As for Retribution, they didn’t give much insight, it sounded wordy, but hopefully, we will hear more soon.

Backstage Segment: The Mysterio Family (Rey & Dominik & Aalyah & Angie)
Dominik talks things over with his family. Sara then asks Rey if he has concerns about the stipulation or the threats made by Murphy. Rey says the threats are just to scare them away from ringside. Rey says it is obvious he is trying to get Dominik alone so he can sacrifice him to get in the good graces of Seth Rollins. He then says they will be in his corner and if Murphy tries anything they know how to handle themselves.

Raw Underground: Aleister Black vs Kevin Owens
Owens takes down Black and hammers away with rights and lefts. Black to his feet but he is knocked down. Black now gets up and hits Owens with a big shot. Dabba’Kato now gets in the ring and lays out both Owens and Black. Shane then says expect the unexpected and we will see you next week.
My Opinion:
Just not the best week for the Underground. This just wasn’t given enough time and the fight was never able to get fully underway. There was too much start and stop and by the end of it, the guys we wanted to see were laid out. I hope we get to see another match between Owens and Black that’s better than this one and Raw Underground can either get more air time or make some better sense of it because these minute flashes to the back are not working.

Backstage Segment: Randy Orton
Randy struggles walking as he tries to leave the arena. Charly stops him to ask about the Clymore Kick’s but out of nowhere, Orton is attacked by McIntyre. McIntyre grabs him and says tell me how it feels, Randy. McIntyre then brings Orton into a ring backstage and hits him with another Claymore Kick.

Backstage Segment: Randy Orton
Orton is loaded into the ambulance and taken out of the arena. Adam Pearce and Pat Buck look heated as the ambulance drives away.

Match 9: Dominik Mysterio w/ (Rey & Aalyah & Angie) vs Murphy:
Street Fight
Murphy goes right after Dominik and really takes it to him. Dominik fights back as the two are on the floor. They fight over by the announce table and Dominik is in control. Murphy and Dominik now trade shots as they fight off to the right off the stage. Dominik goes on top of the screens where the fans are and jumps off delivering a crossbody as Raw goes to break.
As Raw returns, Dominik drives Murphy into the barricade. He then stays on him and beats on him. Dominik and Murphy now fight up the ramp. Dominik sends Murphy into the screen and stays on him. Dominik now fights Murphy down the ramp. Murphy fights back and knocks Dominik down on the steel entrance ramp. Murphy now hits Dominik in the back of the head. Murphy picks him up and throws him to the floor. Murphy now puts Dominik in a headlock. He tries to poke his eye with the stars but Dominik fights him off. Murphy stays on him and drives him across the barricade ribs first.
Murphy now grabs Dominik and heaves him over the barricade and onto the floor. Murphy now grabs a steel chair and goes after Dominik on the floor. Murphy tees off on him with two vicious shots to the back. Murphy brings him in the ring and covers him but Dominik kicks out. Murphy now stretches the arm and midsection of Dominik. Dominik now fights out of it and launches Murphy over the top rope. Dominik now avoids him into the corner. Corner jumps onto Murphy but he is caught. Murphy now drives him shoulder-first into the post over and over. Murphy now ties up Dominik in the ropes. Dominik now fights back with a kick to the face.
Rey now takes the kendo stick. Angie and Aalyah get Dominik out of the ropes. Dominik then flies through the ropes and hits a sunset bomb through the table on Murphy. In the ring, Dominik hits the splash. He covers but Murphy kicks out. Dominik now gets Murphy tied up in the ropes and unloads with kendo stick shots. Rey always joins in and tells Rollins he hopes he is watching at home, payback is a bitch. Aalyah and Angie now get involved and hit Murphy as well. The whole Family now tees off on Murphy. Murphy then quits. The Mysterio family now stands tall. They now continue to hit Murphy as Raw goes off the air.
Winner: Dominik
My Opinion:
A great ending to the night with the Mysterio family getting the revenge they wanted and needed so bad! I love seeing this and it was a great chapter to this story. Dominik looked great in there and he always is entertaining. I love watching his continued development as he is becoming one of the most loveable characters on Raw right now. Also, a lot of props to Murphy for taking that beating at the end. I’m sure this match didn’t get him back in the good graces of Seth Rollins but it will be interesting to see what Seth has to say about this. I love the development of this story and I’m excited for what is next!

Final Thoughts:
This was one of those weeks where stories progressed but the matches weren’t too crazy. It was an okay Raw but it wasn’t one of the best but it makes sense why it would be slow as we are still a few weeks form Clash Of Champions. In the next couple of weeks, I’m sure Raw will pick up and be much more fast-paced. I did love that Drew McIntrye got some revenge on Randy Orton. Not only did he come back from last week but he gave to Orton what Orton gave to him. With as intense as this rivalry has been there is no telling what these two will do next as we head towards their championship rematch.
Also, I loved seeing Cedric Alexander joining the Hurt Business. I think this will be a big opportunity for him and I hope it gives him the chance’s that he hasn’t been given lately. Then, I liked the announcement of the Street Profits taking on Cesaro and Shinsuke next week. This is going to be a huge match and I really hope it brings back a spark for the WWE Tag Team Division. Next, Raw Underground let me down this week. It just wasn’t given enough time and it didn’t look as good as it could. The magic of it has disappeared and it’s just not going well right now, we’ll see if this changes next. Finally, to end the night I loved the /Mysterio family going over on Murphy. They finally got some much-needed revenge and it was really cool to see the whole family standing tall. This rivalry is far from over but this was a good ending to this chapter. As always I hope everyone stays safe and healthy this week and enjoys NXT this Tuesday and SmackDown on Friday!
Overall Rating: 4/10