This Week in NXT 06/26/19

It all starts with the “first time ever,” then turns into more. Much more.

Does anyone remember Raw Roulette? My memory has compartmentalized a steel cage match from 2003 between Lita and Victoria initiated by the likes of Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff and Women’s Champion, Molly Holly. I’ll always recall how exciting it was to see the wheel land on a steel cage match for two dominant women on the roster at the time. While the match itself was short lived, the impact of it turned out to be long term.

Fast forward to last night when Shayna Baszler and Io Shirai took each other on in a steel cage match like it’s the norm now. We’ve come a long way and it’s starting to show. Both women performed so well, especially considering how much pressure must have been on them to excel in the match. They didn’t disappoint. I enjoy how much they compliment one another in the ring and I think Baszler is the reason Shirai is coming out of her shell more and more…or maybe she already had it in her!

The interferences were to be expected and made for an interesting turn at the end of the match when Shirai unapologetically attacked Candice Lerae. It leaves me wondering what could happen next and also reminds me how important of a role such things play in creating depth and entertainment for storyline development and the women’s division as a whole.

NXT is home to a fleet of superstars who continue to grow and develop their personas, skills and charisma. The NXT team (training personnel, mentors, etc) has specifically done such a great job at nurturing their female talent and giving them the push they deserve to create magic in the ring. Trusting in these superstars has given them the opportunity to main event shows just like last night with hopefully, many more to come!

The steel cage match is so iconic. What are some of your favourites? Let us know in the comments!