The Spotlight Series #73: Jay Freddie

By Ryan Huber on March 5, 2018

This week I am joined by the other half of American Strong…Jay Freddie. After talking with Rory in episode 72 I knew having Jay on was a must and he did not disappoint. We cover…


The Spotlight Series #72: Rory Gulak

By Ryan Huber on February 26, 2018

Back this week with an AMAZING episode! I’m joined by Rory Gulak. In my opinion this might be one of the best episodes I’ve had. Rory’s story is truly…..AMAZING, His progression from fan to wrestler…


The Spotlight Series #71: Monsta Mack Part 2

By Ryan Huber on February 20, 2018

Once again Mack is thee INCREDIBLE!!! This week i am joined AGAIN by the one and only MONSTA MACK! We pick up right where we left off. Listen to Mack break down all the moves…


The Spotlight Series #69: JT Davidson part 2

By Ryan Huber on February 5, 2018

Back again…The Iron Manager JT Davidson! Having JT on this past summer was one of my favorite episodes so it was only right to have him back. When this man speaks, you should listen. The…


Casual Commentary with My Wife: 2018 Royal Rumble

By Ryan Huber on January 29, 2018

One year later we are back with another Struggle family RUMBLE Casual Commentary! This time recorded live from our hotel room in Washington DC (my wife loved that). Listen to our live reactions to this…


The Spotlight Series #68: Danny Mac

By Ryan Huber on January 23, 2018

This week I am joined by Danny Mac who is the writer, director, producer & STAR of the newly released film HEEL KICK! This is a change of pace for The Spotlight Series but I…